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Fixed redhat-security tools problems
- added libcap-ng needed recipe - tweaked the scripts - updated README file Signed-off-by: Andrei Dinu <andrei.adrianx.dinu@intel.com>
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@@ -73,6 +73,10 @@ help for each package.
In this mode it will only give a summary result for the package. To find which files don't comply,
re-run using just the package name.
+ !!! WARNING !!! - in order to use this script you need to add to your conf/local.conf file the following lines:
+ IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE = "" - specifying the extra space of the image
+ IMAGE_FEATURES += "package management" - for the correct output of rpm -qa
- find-nodrop-groups.sh : This will scan a whole file system to see if a program makes calls to change UID
and GID without also calling setgroups or initgroups.