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2019-07-09rxtx: Fix path of javacRicardo Ribalda Delgado2-2/+26
rxtx was wrongly using the patch from cacao sysroot. Fixes: | /bin/bash: /workdir/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/cacao-native/1.6.1-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/javac: No such file or directory | Makefile:834: recipe for target '/workdir/build/tmp/work/dbfp4-poky-linux/rxtx/2.2.0-r2/rxtx-2.2pre2/gnu/io/UnsupportedCommOperationException.class' failed | make: *** [/workdir/build/tmp/work/dbfp4-poky-linux/rxtx/2.2.0-r2/rxtx-2.2pre2/gnu/io/UnsupportedCommOperationException.class] Error 127 | make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... Signed-off-by: Ricardo Ribalda <ricardo@ribalda.com> Signed-off-by: Ricardo Ribalda Delgado <ricardo@ribalda.com> Signed-off-by: Richard Leitner <richard.leitner@skidata.com>
2018-12-18java-library: make packages overriding PACKAGE_ARCH work againAndré Draszik1-1/+1
Recent changes is OE have caused the traditional approach of inheriting allarch and setting PACKAGE_ARCH not work anymore. Once allarch is inherited, PACKAGE_ARCH can not be overridden afterwards. See commit a23c482cab4f ("allarch: only enable allarch when multilib is not used") d9ba0219b2f6 in poky. http://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/commit/?id=a23c482cab4f874f4a6a6889716123569eb5ece9 The error manifests itself with configure trying to --host=allarch-poky-linux --target=allarch-poky-linux which fails. To work around this we can make java-library's allarch inherit conditional, as is done e.g. in OE-core for packagegroup.bbclass http://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/commit/?id=9c826962ec8fa45c2b035427442b90a41517144e http://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/commit/?id=2c9b1d304daade7b0907320aeb9c522e7ab9dcab So this commit does exactly that, and fixes the two users of this to follow the new approach. Signed-off-by: André Draszik <andre.draszik@jci.com> Signed-off-by: Richard Leitner <richard.leitner@skidata.com>
2018-06-19set SUMMARY instead of DESCRIPTIONAndré Draszik1-1/+1
Short descriptions should go into SUMMARY (DESCRIPTION will get the same value if not set.) Signed-off-by: André Draszik <andre.draszik@jci.com> Tested-by: Richard Leitner <richard.leitner@skidata.com> Signed-off-by: Richard Leitner <richard.leitner@skidata.com>
2016-07-08rxtx: Add remove-libtool class to remove all .la filesFabio Berton1-1/+1
Class remove-libtool adds a postfunc to do_install to remove all .la files installed by libtool, so that they are absent from both the sysroots and target packages. Fix error: ERROR: rxtx-2.2.0-r2 do_populate_sysroot: QA Issue: librxtxRaw.la failed sanity test (workdir) in path ../build/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-neon-emcontrols-linux-gnueabi/ rxtx/2.2.0-r2/sysroot-destdir/usr/lib/jni [la] ERROR: rxtx-2.2.0-r2 do_populate_sysroot: QA staging was broken by the package built above ERROR: rxtx-2.2.0-r2 do_populate_sysroot: Function failed: do_qa_staging Signed-off-by: Fabio Berton <fabio.berton@ossystems.com.br> Signed-off-by: Maxin B. John <maxin.john@intel.com>
2015-08-18rxtx: drop dependency on fastjar-native; depend on virtual/javac-nativeMario Domenech Goulart1-1/+1
fastjar-native must be provided by either virtual/javac-native itself or by a recipe virtual/javac-native depends on. Signed-off-by: Mario Domenech Goulart <mario@ossystems.com.br> Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
2015-03-31rxtx: put .jar and .so files into the same package (librxtx-java)Mario Domenech Goulart1-2/+8
That's how Debian does, supposedly because it does not make sense to ship .jar and .so files into separate packages. Signed-off-by: Mario Domenech Goulart <mario@ossystems.com.br> Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
2015-03-11rxtx: add patch to support i.MX serial portsMario Domenech Goulart2-1/+29
Support for /dev/ttymxc* devices. Signed-off-by: Mario Domenech Goulart <mario@ossystems.com.br> Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
2015-03-11rxtx: update to the latest Debian patchsetMario Domenech Goulart7-1/+724
Update the recipe to apply all patches available from git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-java/rxtx.git as of a4cd13e04254cea7842df2e30e9d12e9765a3ef9. Signed-off-by: Mario Domenech Goulart <mario@ossystems.com.br> Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
2015-02-17java-library: inherit allarchMax Krummenacher1-0/+1
Use the allarch class to make every packages in the 'all' ARCH. Recipes inheriting java-library which build additional packages which don't belong in to all ARCH must manually setting PACKAGE_ARCH after inheritting java-library. This fixes the following error when building e.g. rhino for a second machine of different architecture in the same build directory: ERROR: The recipe rhino is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist. Those files and their manifest location are: /.../ipk/all/librhino-java_1.7r4-r0_all.ipk Matched in manifest-armv7at2hf-vfp-rhino-package_write_ipk Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <max.oss.09@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
2015-02-17rxtx: use autotools-brokensepMax Krummenacher1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Max Krummenacher <max.oss.09@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
2013-04-05recipes-extended: split out recipes which are not needed for compiling openjdkHenning Heinold10-0/+775
Signed-off-by: Henning Heinold <heinold@inf.fu-berlin.de>