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+# Icedtea's makefile is not compatible to parallelization so we cannot allow
+# passing a valid ${PARALLEL_MAKE} to it. OTOH OpenJDK's makefiles are
+# parallelizable and we need ${PARALLEL_MAKE} to derive the proper value.
+# The base for this quirk is that GNU Make only considers the last "-j" option.
+EXTRA_OEMAKE_remove_task-compile = "${PARALLEL_MAKE}"
+EXTRA_OEMAKE_remove_task-install = "${PARALLEL_MAKEINST}"
+# OpenJDK supports parallel compilation but uses a plain number for this.
+# In OE we have PARALLEL_MAKE which is the actual option passed to make,
+# e.g. "-j 4".
+def openjdk_build_helper_get_parallel_make(d):
+ pm = d.getVar('PARALLEL_MAKE', True);
+ if not pm or '-j' not in pm:
+ return 1
+ return pm.partition('-j')[2].strip().split(' ')[0]