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2013-07-15README.md: Update dylan sha4.0.24.0Florin Sarbu1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-07-15Make PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto ?= "3.4%" distro specificFlorin Sarbu2-1/+2
instead of just being machine specific. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-07-12poky-ivi-systemd.conf: Bump DISTRO_VERSION to 4.0.2Florin Sarbu1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-07-12foton-image.bb: Bump PV to 4.0.2Florin Sarbu1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-07-10node-state-manager_git.bb: Add explicit dependency on dbusFlorin Sarbu1-1/+1
so that do_install will successfully package the dbus conf file. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-07-10default-providers-ivi.inc: Add PREFERRED_PROVIDER_node-state-managerFlorin Sarbu1-0/+2
as being node-state-manager so that we get it in the rootfs when that package is present in the layer. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-07-10node-startup-controller: Package dummy helper node stateFlorin Sarbu1-2/+7
manager files in ${PN}-nsm-dummy package. Added ${PN}-nsm-dummy as RPROVIDES node-state-manager. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-07-08layer-management: Update to version 1_0_1Florin Sarbu1-10/+8
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-07-08packagegroup-specific-component-p2: Add common-api-c++ andFlorin Sarbu1-0/+2
common-api-c++-dbus. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-07-08connman: do not delete init scripts in bbappendSergey Matyukevich1-8/+0
Currently connman init scripts are installed only when 'sysvinit' feature is enabled in DISTRO_FEATURES: commit 7c8160ccbe17d6e10bd7a09b91843182a89b9055 in poky. No need to remove them in bbappend: - they are not installed for 'systemd'-enabled systems - they are needed for 'sysvinit'-enabled systems Signed-off-by: Sergey Matyukevich <sergey_matyukevich@mentor.com>
2013-07-08dbus: Stop removing sysv specific things.Noor1-9/+1
* With current changes in poky we dont have to remove sysv specific changes. Upstream dbus recipe is configures in such a way that if if systemd is present in DISTRO_FEATURES the it does not generate sysv stuff. So remove the changes which were removing sysv stuff. Signed-off-by: Noor Ahsan <noor_ahsan@mentor.com>
2013-07-08poky-ivi-systemd.conf: Remove sysvinit from DISTRO_FEATURES.Noor1-0/+1
* By adding sysvinit DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED it is removed from DISTRO_FEATURES. Previously Both systemd and sysvinit was present in DISTRO_FEATURES. Signed-off-by: Noor Ahsan <noor_ahsan@mentor.com>
2013-07-08common-api-c++-dbus: added CommonAPI D-Bus bindingHolger Behrens3-0/+283
This is the CommonAPI D-Bus binding C++ library, which provides the necessary code to communicate over D-Bus. This is invisible to the application code, and simply needs to be linked against. Common API and its mechanism specific bindings (e.g. Common API D-Bus) provide a set of libraries and tools to work with RPC communication in a way independent of wich mechanism is used. The D-Bus marshaling patch adds functions to support querying and manipulating the message body and signature. This is useful for code generators, which can generate custom marshaling functions based on a given IDL. Those functions tend to be optimized and faster than the generic iterator based marshaling. References: - http://projects.genivi.org/commonapi/ - http://lists.genivi.org/pipermail/genivi-ipc/2013-March/000057.html Signed-off-by: Holger Behrens <Holger.Behrens@windriver.com>
2013-07-08common-api-c++: added CommonAPI runtimeHolger Behrens1-0/+11
This is the CommonAPI base C++ library, which provides the application interface for users and can load runtime bindings such as dbus. Common API and its mechanism specific bindings (e.g. Common API D-Bus) provide a set of libraries and tools to work with RPC communication in a way independent of wich mechanism is used. References: - http://projects.genivi.org/commonapi/ - http://lists.genivi.org/pipermail/genivi-ipc/2013-March/000057.html Signed-off-by: Holger Behrens <Holger.Behrens@windriver.com>
2013-06-21dlt-daemon: Fix recompiling failure when a dependencyFlorin Sarbu2-1/+150
of dlt-daemon changes. Signed-off-by: Andrei Gherzan <andrei.gherzan@windriver.com>
2013-06-21ecryptfs-utils: Add --sbindir=/sbin to configure optionsFlorin Sarbu1-1/+1
This would fix the failure when mounting ecryptfs drive as it would be looking for mount.ecryptfs in /usr/sbin. This configure option ensures mount.ecryptfs and friends are available in /usr. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-06-21ecryptfs-utils: Modify systemd service file to 'simple'.Noor1-3/+1
ecryptfsd is a resident program, i.e. daemon. According to systemd documentation, Type=oneshot/RemainAfterExit=yes should be used for programs that do not remain working after exit. But for daemons we should use Type=forked to indicate that the service remains running in background. ecryptfs provides option -f to run in foreground. This option is preferred when the service is started from init/systemd. That is why we use Type=simple (default) to indicate that the service runs in foreground. To manage the service properly systemd uses its type. E.g. if ecryptfsd silently dies, systemd will recognize its failure in case of simple or forked, but not in case of oneshot. Signed-off-by: Mikhail Durnev <mikhail_durnev@mentor.com> Signed-off-by: Noor Ahsan <noor_ahsan@mentor.com>
2013-06-21dlt-daemon: Add zlib in DEPENDS.Noor1-0/+2
* dlt-system-filetransfer.c includes zlib.h. This headerfile is provided by zlib package. Added zlib in its DEPENDS. Signed-off-by: Noor Ahsan <noor_ahsan@mentor.com>
2013-06-21dlt-daemon: Fix multiple issues with service files.Noor2-1/+35
* The newly included patch, systemd_service_installation.patch, is required because the cmake script in the dlt-daemon package tries to locate the systemd units directory on the host when cross-compiled. During cross compiling it should not see paths on local machine and make decesion based on it. On ubuntu 10.04 /lib/systemd/system folder does not exist so cross-compiling dlt-deamon results in no servie file image folder. So commented the if condition which checks the existance of /lib/systemd/system. Genivi issue link dealing with this is http://bugs.genivi.org/show_bug.cgi?id=67. * Created symlinks of dlt.service and dlt-system.service in basic.target.wants folder. Signed-off-by: Noor Ahsan <noor_ahsan@mentor.com>
2013-06-17packagegroups: restructure the yocto-ivi PGsFahad Usman6-23/+80
with the current implementation of packagegroups, it's not clear how a particular recipe map to the GENIVI baseline document. this scheme remove confusion about which packagegroup a certain recipe belong to. And provide guidance to the customers about modifying the image. For instance customers should be careful about replacing specific-p1 components if they wish to maintain GENIVI compliance. Signed-off-by: Fahad Usman <fahad_usman@mentor.com>
2013-05-31README.md: Add revision of dylan poky branch4.0.1Florin Sarbu1-0/+1
needed for F-1.1 Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-05-31packagegroup-core-p1.bb: Removed nfs-utilsFlorin Sarbu1-1/+0
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-05-31poky-ivi-systemd.conf: Update DISTRO_VERSION to 4.0.1 for F-1.1Florin Sarbu1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-05-31foton-image.bb: Bump PV to 4.0.1Florin Sarbu1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-05-30audiomanager: start using -d to daemonizeErik Botö1-1/+1
The unit file is written in such a way that it expects setup_amgr.sh to return, therefore -d needs to be passed to AudioManager. Signed-off-by: Erik Botö <erik.boto at pelagicore.com>
2013-05-30audiomanager: Build plugins as modules instead of shared librariesErik Botö3-18/+100
The plugins are now built as modules instead of versioned shared libraries. The plugins are also included in the main package instead of in -dev since they are needed runtime. Signed-off-by: Erik Botö <erik.boto at pelagicore.com>
2013-05-29pulseaudio: Fixing the configure_append.Sujith H1-5/+5
Providing absolute path to avoid breakage during configure. This patch has to be applied on branch 4.0 Signed-off-by: Sujith H <sujith.h@gmail.com>
2013-05-22README.md: Added info on building againstFlorin Sarbu1-3/+2
the dylan branch of poky Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-05-14pulseaudio: Add pulseaudio-server rpm to packagegroup-core-p2.bbFlorin Sarbu3-4/+35
instead of just the pulseaudio rpm. Also provide a systemd service in the rootfs. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-04-12packagegroup-core-boot-genivi.bb: Explicitly add kmod to rootfs4.0.0Florin Sarbu1-0/+1
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-04-11README.md: Update with latest poky SHAFlorin Sarbu1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-04-11README.md: Fix poky SHAMacario, Gianpaolo1-1/+1
Specify a newer SHA for poky since the previous one now causes the build meta-ivi build to fail. See https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2013-April/015273.html Signed-off-by: Gianpaolo Macario <gianpaolo_macario@mentor.com>
2013-04-03poky-ivi-systemd.conf: Replace mesa-dri-driver-swrastFlorin Sarbu1-1/+1
with the new rpm generated by mesa, called mesa-driver-swrast. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-04-02packagegroup-core-boot-genivi.bb: Add util-linux-mount soFlorin Sarbu1-0/+1
that we have it in the rootfs Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-04-02layer-management: Update to version 1.0Florin Sarbu3-36/+1
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-04-02README.md: Update compliancy reference to 4.0 version.Florin Sarbu1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-04-02README.md: Replace references to excalibur with foton.Florin Sarbu1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-22xserver-xorg: Update bbappend to version 1.14.0Florin Sarbu1-0/+0
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-14Remove obsolete custom fstabFlorin Sarbu2-14/+0
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-13README.md: Update with typo fix forFlorin Sarbu1-1/+1
Genivi specification version. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-08README.md: Add info on building the foton imageFlorin Sarbu1-5/+5
for F-0.1 compliance. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-08Add recipe for foton image.Florin Sarbu1-0/+9
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-08poky-ivi-systemd.conf: Change DISTRO_VERSION to 4.0.0Florin Sarbu1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-08Removedimage recipes for discover, excalibur and associatedFlorin Sarbu4-56/+0
packagegroups from the foton release branch. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-08packagegroup-core-p1.bb: Add node-startup-controller,Florin Sarbu1-0/+3
obex-client and obexd to packagegroup-core-p1.bb. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-08README.md: Remove reference to meta-openembedded,Florin Sarbu1-29/+8
which is not used anymore. Update poky sha to be used and minor cleanup. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-08Remove ALLOW_EMPTY from packagegroups files.Florin Sarbu5-9/+0
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-08connman: Update .bbappend to version 1.12Florin Sarbu1-0/+0
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-07libical: Add recipe from meta-openembeddedFlorin Sarbu2-0/+69
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-03-07fuse: Add recipe from meta-openembeddedFlorin Sarbu3-0/+120
Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>