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authorOleksandr Kravchuk <oleksandr.kravchuk@pelagicore.com>2018-09-28 01:12:41 +0200
committergunnarx <gunnarx@users.noreply.github.com>2018-10-24 15:28:20 +0200
commit2340577fe6b00fb3cd3aebe1fec806fbb08f073c (patch)
parent26ebdc2331db2e74a6f61e92751a78c188162dd6 (diff)
README: update dependency layers to latest revisions
poky: d240b885f2 externalsrc.bbclass: Set BB_DONT_CACHE for non-target recipes 78a406431a rootfs: always update the opkg index 30a244ba7b runqemu: fix handling of SIGTERM and the problem of line wrapping fff3aa6b07 runqemu: exit gracefully with an error message if qemu system is not evaluated edc09e102e runqemu: add SIGTERM handler to make sure things are cleaned up bda2ae1f06 libtiff: fix CVE-2017-17095 23be36d46f x264: Disable asm on musl/x86 cbdc5ca4f8 libsndfile1: CVE-2018-13139 255160b689 nasm: fix CVE-2018-10016 842dc807b7 recipes: Update git.gnome.org addresses after upstream changes fbc735796f git: CVE-2018-11233 97ee1f8087 python3: CVE-2018-1061 536412ec4d libxml2: CVE-2018-14404 967d42170e checklayer: avoid recursive loop in add_layer_dependencies 36d5cee56b bitbake: fetcher: Fixed remote removal not throwing exception. 2974054b45 initramfs-framework/udev: call settle before kill 242829e5b6 libcroco: CVE-2017-7961 c8a29e6c81 gnupg: CVE-2018-9234 5315ebeded qemux86-directdisk: remove mem= parameter b8a4eb8062 cmake: put cmake.m4 and toolchain file in PN b747e9e61a mkefidisk: fix installation of kernel image 3acc7a6e28 libsdl2: Fix left rotated display for RaspPi/VC4/GLES2 5b544a3bce security_flags: disable static PIE in glibc 04810e606c bitbake: main: Fix environment handling for UI module imports 161eaa28ed bitbake: toaster: Fix bitbake flexible path error from Bugzilla #12891 3b8dc3a88e glibc: fix CVE-2018-11237 a36165011e sqlite3: CVE-2018-8740 b77082e38f libpng: CVE-2018-13785 d39e43f17f busybox: CVE-2017-15874 af42d0cae4 cve-check.bbclass: do not download the CVE DB in package-specific tasks ac94652d02 cve-check.bbclass: detect CVE IDs listed on multiple lines 2d1aef0b0d apr-util: fix ptest fail problem 38a3d3c3b7 lrzsz: fix CVE-2018-10195 18f68b48bb linux-yocto/4.14: update to v4.14.67 48aa77ab5a linux-yocto/4.14: update to v4.14.62 0cfeee98ed linux-yocto/4.12: update to v4.12.28 8cdabe1f6f binutils: Change the ARM assembler's ADR and ADRl pseudo-ops so that they will only set the bottom bit of imported thumb function symbols if the -mthumb-interwork option is active. 79083fcd0d libcgroup: CVE-2018-14348 64367bbb6b libarchive: CVE-2017-14501 f86492cca4 wpa-supplicant: fix CVE-2018-14526 a43adeb1e3 os-release: fix to install in the expected location d4234f8a2f serf: Fix Sconstruct build with python 3.7 d759a0659b libice: patch for CVE-2017-2626 337e750c40 taglib: Security fix CVE-2018-11439 15fe03a352 xserver-xorg: config: fix NULL value detection for ID_INPUT being unset a8fd685dfb libid3tag: patch for CVE-2004-2779 d3e6b9e6f4 libcroco: patch for CVE-2017-7960 6a1b1ea620 squashfs-tools: patch for CVE-2015-4645(4646) b0c32939f2 libexif: patch for CVE-2017-7544 6af1b257ed busybox/mdev-mount.sh: Fix partition detect and cleanup mountpoint on fail 7da5ae7927 busybox: move init related configs to init.cfg 63eae5751e busybox: handle syslog 9afe31b30c blktrace: Security fix CVE-2018-10689 28c68772cb util-linux: upgrade 2.32 -> 2.32.1 51872d3f99 bitbake: bitbake: toaster: Fix comparison in recipe template 73c29f321a bitbake: toaster/layerdetails.js: don't hide local layer info 0b15ee38ad bitbake: toaster/models.py: allow local paths for custom recipe's base 1ba6706ce2 bitbake: toaster/checksettings: allow CUSTOM_XML_ONLY setting through env e4c6642adc bitbake: toastergui/newproject.html: fix release divs 61428c05bb bitbake: toaster/widgets.py: avoid divide by zero issues 90a9b1b0f5 bitbake: bitbake: toaster: allow TOASTER_DIR to be overridden from cmdline c1f5ec8f43 bitbake: toaster: use a more flexible way to find bitbake e44bb5b5c8 bitbake: toaster: allow pokydirname to be evaluated when all layers are local 45ef387cc5 bitbake: checksum: sanity check path when recursively checksumming ee176ddba8 bitbake: utils/md5_file: don't iterate line-by-line 8f7fb9baf8 swig: Remove superfluous python dependency 63a0057efb patch: fix CVE-2018-6952 90cb0ee1c2 perl: CVE-2018-12015 4f6ff3e60c perl: CVE-2018-6913 69728984e3 perl: CVE-2018-6797 7273f1183f perl: CVE-2018-6798 d82d8d4315 qemu: CVE-2018-12617 2ef1650794 qemu: CVE-2018-7550 46d4ce537d python: CVE-2018-1000030 ac9770edca procps: CVE-2018-1124 f183e88d06 shadow: CVE-2018-7169 8fcd5a31b9 gnupg: CVE-2018-12020 52fc5763c6 git: CVE-2018-11235 dfe237a93b libgcrypt: CVE-2018-0495 a4ce8dbcc6 coreutils: CVE-2017-18018 c035a20028 libsndfile1: CVE-2017-14634 3c38e69639 libsndfile1: CVE-2017-14245 CVE-2017-14246 c9b7487d4a libarchive: CVE-2017-14503 288dbefdf3 flac: CVE-2017-6888 65000da237 nasm: fix CVE-2018-8883 & CVE-2018-8882 & CVE-2018-10316 70ab6ebf3e unzip: fix CVE-2018-1000035 c6b1f453b9 unzip: fix symlink problem dc09a230d7 openssl: update 1.1.0h -> 1.1.0i 205a56fcfa openssl: update 1.0.2o -> 1.0.2p 45e1ed092d openssl-1.1: fix c_rehash perl errors b3c24d84a4 openssl_1.0: drop unnecessary call to perlpath.pl from do_configure() 61ab3beed1 openssl_1.0: drop unnecessary dependency on makedepend-native d83e13109f openssl: fix missing dependency on hostperl-runtime-native be5382caff openssl_1.0: squash whitespace in CC_INFO 6b3f4c8a66 openssl_1.0: add PACKAGECONFIG option to control manpages d62b399d6f openssl_1.0: drop unmaintained darwin support e61c7a809d openssl_1.0: drop obsolete exporting of AS, EX_LIBS and DIRS 3dd619528b openssl_1.0: drop obsolete ca.patch 015b6c5686 openssl: minor indent fixes 0f0ee3b94a openssl: support musl-x32 build 76cdf32f96 openssl: remove uclibc remnants 5474c37f90 openssl_1.0: avoid running make twice for target do_compile() b92d395feb openssl_1.0: drop leading "-" from no-ssl3 config option 6e18b05305 openssl_1.0: fix cryptodev-linux PACKAGECONFIG support 7002cfee82 openssl_1.0: drop curly brackets from shell local variables 0333ff4a11 openssl_1.0: minor recipe formatting tweaks etc c8242ea7ce openssl_1.0: merge openssl10.inc into the openssl_1.0.2o.bb recipe 805f8773d1 openssl_1.1: minor recipe formatting tweaks etc faa3816266 openssl_1.1: avoid using += with an over-ride da46b29ffd openssl-nativesdk: Fix "can't open config file" warning 8a42465904 openssl: disable ccache usage bd67bb0f6e openssl: fix upstream version check for 1.0 version 05c5c8f6e8 wic/qemux86: don't pass ip parameter to kernel in wks b968128858 alsa-lib: Cleanup packaging 7b10c902cb classes: sanity-check LIC_FILES_CHKSUM fb3f8f14bd libvorbis: CVE-2018-10392 6a87904a38 libvorbis: CVE-2017-14160 CVE-2018-10393 874976be9a bzip2: use Yocto Project mirror for SRC_URI edabecd576 bitbake: tests/fetch: Update gnome.org urls after upstream changes bb91b2ae3e multilib_header: recognize BPF as a target e8df58c07a glibc: Make bits/wordsize.h multilibbed again 6d9ba591e3 oe-pkgdata-util: package-info: Re-add support for the --extra option c30e400e53 oe-pkgdata-util: Make parse_pkgdatafile() support package suffixed vars 12c4bdbfab oe-pkgdata-util: lookup-recipe, package-info: Don't finish prematurely 6069ffb48d devtool/sdk.py: error out in case of downloading file failure 5b5ebab299 documentation: Updated for a 2.5.1 release be203dd40c ref-manual: Removed non-existant variable from PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS description 264f5717b0 sdk-manual: Fixed bad anchor string. 8e3ead9bb4 sdk-manual: Updated section on minimizing eSDK installer size acf3319e5f sdk-manual: Converted bullet list to ordered list 1fb6f7e3ff sdk-manual: Updated "Providing Additional Installable Extensible SDK Content" cba7accf19 sdk-manual: Provided better wording for sharing HTTP or HTTPS server 67fd9e2e60 sdk-manual: Updates to sections for updating installed Ext SDKs de9bce8f89 sdk-manual: Changed title to updating the SDK after install d2eefa2df6 sdk-manual: Fixed grammar error a299c956d9 sdk-manual: Updated section on changing title of extensible SDK installer c90bfdf5d4 ref-manual: Updated DISTRO_NAME variable description. 84178b1fd5 ref-manual: Updated the DISTRO variable description 0ca3e9a2dc sdk-manual: Grammar fix d2f237964f sdk-manual: Updates to "Adjusting the Extensible SDK to Suit Build Host" 13f406e55f sdk-manual: Updates to "Configuring the Extensible SDK" section b679ee1519 ref-manual: Fixed cross-reference wording in SDK_LOCAL_CONF_WHITELIST af9c2c5565 ref-manual: Fixed grammar error in SDK_INHERIT_BLACKLIST description 9abadbb3c6 ref-manual: Added cross-reference to SDK_LOCAL_CONF_BLACKLIST var 4b47d39d77 ref-manual: Updated the SDK_INHERIT_BLACKLIST variable description 6745cc9b8a ref-manual: Updated the SDK_LOCAL_CONF_WHITELIST variable description b298bb586e ref-manual: Updated the SDK_LOCAL_CONF_BLACKLIST variable description 03d1a8acfe sdk-manual, mega-manual: Updated the fig for installed ext. SDK c737fb18ae sdk-manual, mega-manual: Updated standard SDK install directory figure 008732dcb6 sdk-manual: Final edits to the extracting root filesystem section a3473f32a6 sdk-manual: Added note in step to set SDKMACHINE 24a833f40d build-appliance-image: Update to sumo head revision 2464dd4040 poky.conf: Bump version for sumo 2.5.1 22e02daa5b binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-10534 f9998b8ce6 binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-10535 8126375423 binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-10372 6d092834bd binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-10373 ea6a69cb83 binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-7568 219deb5228 binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-7569 3db593919b binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-7208 e23d924838 binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-7642 0112dfc031 binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-6759 b283276544 binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-6872 b44ea09983 binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-7643 b83fd9847f binutils: Security fix CVE-2018-8945 50072546a5 classes/sanity: Clean up getstatusoutput usage b8f9048de8 linux-firmware: add separate packages for all brcm files 8912733e28 linux-firmware: update LICENSE for bcm43* packages according to WHENCE file 94ddbc21ae linux-firmware: add ${PN}-cypress-license handling from meta-raspberrypi 72d2148535 python2: Fix build with gcc8 6369ddde0c libxml2: fix libxml2 ptest fails b91562697d u-boot: Fix pylibfdt generation 78e1856f58 kdump: start kdump.service after basic.target b0d7de41e3 gcc-7.3: Backport fixes for std::pair high memory usage d2ad05e0b1 gcc-7.3: Fix build on ppc64le hosts 50fe2fd0e9 glibc-locale: Fix host-user-contaminated QA errors 13b591a304 shadow: fix CVE-2017-2616 753640469e tiff: security fix CVE-2018-7456 6bfd543340 tiff: security fix CVE-2018-8905 fe22033339 yocto-uninative: Upgrade to version 2.2 86aaecf948 gio-module-cache.bbclass: disable update_gio_module_cache postinst script for nativesdk 13dc9eedc3 glibc: Avoid multilibbing on wordsize.h e4f158a461 u-boot: Fix build race condition b136c92b29 curl: update 7.60.0 -> 7.61.0 5fad6a5755 bash: fix wrong exit status offset d79d44e27f gnutls: use HTTP instead of FTP f259167b77 tiff: security fix CVE-2018-10963 884b883562 insane: optimise buildpath search 2919a89054 wic/engine: use up all free space when expanding partitions 19c1d1f902 wic/engine: fix errors when expanding partitions 305711f10a perf: disable parallelism for 'make clean' 651d49ee02 linux-yocto/4.12: update to v4.12.26 4106e8591a linux-yocto/4.12: bump to v4.12.25 80a498040f linux-libc-headers: To fix build error when enable mutilib on aarch64 Big endian. 20a5843837 staging: Always use the default sysroot for allarch recipes f55516fef5 staging: Improve fixup processing code 842ad94cad staging/image: Fix multilib recipe sysroot issues meta-openembedded: 2bb21ef27 poppler: Update to 0.64 b2de0889c uim: Fix SRC_URI d50be6649 gedit: Add dep on python-six-native 58a7d9e95 meta-multimedia: fixup LAYERDEPENDS bf02ea81d protobuf: make python-protobuf dependency optional and default to off ca2870ff8 dnsmasq: CVE-2017-15107 35c635915 grpc: move it from oe to networking layer 7fbbbead4 openocd: prevent fetching git submodules during do_configure b3fffe67e libqb: Fix build with gold be79b8b11 fuse: CVE-2018-10906 aea43f26e libsodium: update to 1.0.16 4a75fa269 wireshark: update to 2.4.8 e11c0b934 libnih: Fix do_package error when enable mutilib. 7825bc0ed python-pytest: Fix conflict error as following: 4504d2e78 devmem2: ensure word is 32-bit, add support for 64-bit long 3c978f910 php: upgrade 7.2.4 -> 7.2.7 Included: 6ae1ddbcb wireshark: update to 2.4.7 Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Kravchuk <oleksandr.kravchuk@pelagicore.com>
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/README.md b/README.md
index 43b4d2d..3a58f02 100644
--- a/README.md
+++ b/README.md
@@ -100,12 +100,12 @@ Layer Dependencies
URI: git://git.yoctoproject.org/poky
> branch: sumo
-> revision: 96fbd39ba32362416c18d90bb7a81eb6a76912e0
+> revision: d240b885f26e9b05c8db0364ab2ace9796709aad
URI: git://git.openembedded.org/meta-openembedded
> layer: meta-oe
> branch: sumo
-> revision: b0950aeff5b630256bb5e25ca15f4d59c115e7c1
+> revision: 2bb21ef27c4b0c9d52d30b3b2c5a0160fd02b966
URI: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-gplv2
> branch: sumo