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authorNitin A Kamble <nitin.a.kamble@intel.com>2013-07-16 10:19:22 -0700
committerTom Zanussi <tom.zanussi@intel.com>2013-07-19 13:41:30 -0500
commit119eb42cd5705cf7ec920d1180c5dde94d293e9e (patch)
parent63beadd34de47265058095860237cc20cbc4b411 (diff)
emenlow: update to use emgd 1.18 user recipe
Updating the bsp to use version 1.18 of emgd userland recipe. Update EMGD version in the README. Signed-off-by: Nitin A Kamble <nitin.a.kamble@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Tom Zanussi <tom.zanussi@intel.com>
2 files changed, 5 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/meta-emenlow/README b/meta-emenlow/README
index 9aca0f3d..3049fe59 100644
--- a/meta-emenlow/README
+++ b/meta-emenlow/README
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ common metadata shared between BSPs) e.g.:
The meta-emenlow layer contains support for two different machine
configurations. These configurations are identical except for the fact
that the one prefixed with 'emenlow' makes use of the
-Intel-proprietary EMGD 1.16 graphics driver, while the one prefixed
+Intel-proprietary EMGD 1.18 graphics driver, while the one prefixed
with 'emenlow-noemgd' does not. The 'emenlow-noemgd' machine
configuration instead uses the open source 'gma500' kernel DRM driver
along with the 'modesetting' X driver.
@@ -97,10 +97,10 @@ following to the local.conf file:
The 'emenlow' machine includes the emgd-driver-bin package, which has
a proprietary license that must be whitelisted by adding the string
-"license_emgd-driver-bin_1.16" to the LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST variable
+"license_emgd-driver-bin_1.18" to the LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST variable
in your local.conf. For example:
- LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST = "license_emgd-driver-bin_1.16"
+ LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST = "license_emgd-driver-bin"
If you want to enable the layer that does not support EMGD graphics
add the following to the local.conf file:
@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ added to the the LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST variable in your local.conf.
For example:
- LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST = "license_emgd-driver-bin_1.16 commercial"
+ LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST = "license_emgd-driver-bin commercial"
The reason this is needed is to prevent the image from including
anything that might violate the license terms of the packages used to
diff --git a/meta-emenlow/conf/machine/emenlow.conf b/meta-emenlow/conf/machine/emenlow.conf
index 8dfb4333..f1b3620f 100644
--- a/meta-emenlow/conf/machine/emenlow.conf
+++ b/meta-emenlow/conf/machine/emenlow.conf
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ PREFERRED_VERSION_xserver-xorg ?= "1.9.3"
PREFERRED_VERSION_mesa ?= "9.1.3"
PREFERRED_VERSION_xf86-input-synaptics ?= "1.6.3"
PREFERRED_VERSION_xf86-input-evdev ?= "2.6.0"
-PREFERRED_VERSION_emgd-driver-bin ?= "1.16"
+PREFERRED_VERSION_emgd-driver-bin ?= "1.18"
PREFERRED_VERSION_libva ?= "1.0.16"
APPEND += "video=vesafb vga=0x318 vmalloc=256MB"