BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
boonleong/mohonpeak-doraMAINTAINERS: add MOHONPEAK maintainerOng Boon Leong3 weeks
boonleong/mohonpeak-dylanmohonpeak: linux-yocto-3.4: up-rev to v3.4.82Ong Boon Leong7 weeks
boonleong/ Enable ASPEED Tech Graphic CardOng Boon Leong3 weeks
nitin/dorasys940x: Update linux-yocto 3.10 SRCREV (3.10.35-LTSI)Nitin A Kamble2 days
nitin/miscnuc: use common kernelsNitin A Kamble3 weeks
nitin/misc3libva_1.0.16: fix a QA issue in do_configureNitin A Kamble7 weeks
nitin/tmp1Revert "nuc: use common kernels"Nitin A Kamble3 weeks
tzanussi/common-kernel-updatesmeta-emenlow: Common kernel update for -noemgdTom Zanussi5 weeks
wchan9/crystalforest-dorameta-crystalforest: update MAINTAINER and READMEChan Wei Sern5 weeks
wchan9/valleyisland-dorameta-valleyisland: update SRCREV and LINUX_VERSION to 3.10.35Chan Wei Sern3 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-01-19BSP layer READMEs: fix the YP Compliance linkHEADmasterNitin A Kamble12-12/+12
2013-01-19emenlow-noemgd: create a new BSPNitin A Kamble4-0/+57
2013-01-19sys940x: create a v3.4 kernel recipeNitin A Kamble1-0/+22
2013-01-19fri2: specify graphics driver as a kernel featureNitin A Kamble1-0/+2
2013-01-19emenlow: specify graphics driver as a kernel featureNitin A Kamble1-0/+1
2013-01-19crownbay: specify graphics driver as a kernel featureNitin A Kamble1-0/+2
2013-01-15gstreamer-vaapi_git: fix a build issueNitin A Kamble1-3/+3
2013-01-11mesa-dri: Fix file extension for bbappendRichard Purdie1-0/+0
2013-01-11mesa-dri: Update bbappend to version 9.0.1Richard Purdie1-0/+0
2013-01-07layer.conf: Use .= for adding to BBPATH and += to BBFILESKhem Raj14-28/+28