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2016-09-27chromium: Enable new version 52 for x11 support wayland on older versionLauren Post4-9/+90
2016-09-08chromium: Refactor code to use the the new overridesOtavio Salvador2-6/+2
2016-05-23chromium: Update bbappend to version 48.0.2548.0Carlos Rafael Giani2-7/+4
2016-04-19chromium-imx: Update dependency name of vpuwrapYuqing Zhu1-2/+2
2015-01-27chromium: Update bbappend to version 40.0.2214.91Carlos Rafael Giani1-3/+3
2014-11-28chromium-imx: Update chromium-imx to support SOC without VPULauren Post2-3/+11
2014-10-14chromium: Update bbappend to version 38.0.2125.101Carlos Rafael Giani2-7/+7
2014-09-08chromium: Remove Chromium 35 bbappendCarlos Rafael Giani1-4/+0
2014-09-04chromium: Update bbappend to version 37.0.2062.94Carlos Rafael Giani2-1/+1
2014-08-25chromium: Add bbappend for GPU specific modifications and VPU supportCarlos Rafael Giani3-0/+57