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authorFabio Berton <fabio.berton@ossystems.com.br>2016-09-26 13:57:23 -0300
committerOtavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>2016-10-06 17:45:17 -0300
commit4925c8933b37bb400d1f8ea367362b846c1f22df (patch)
parentbe5669ecf813126c86b5ec206a4ab23f4dc15eee (diff)
linux-fslc-imx: Bump revision to df9f1f6
This includes the following changes: - df9f1f6 net: fec: align IP - 7395912 net: fec: enable RACC on imx6ul - 61da160 net: fec: remove QUIRK_HAS_RACC from i.mx27 - c01a8d6 net: fec: remove QUIRK_HAS_RACC from i.mx25 - 9e47e1d Merge tag 'v4.1.33' into 4.1-1.0.x-imx - 04cb720 (tag: v4.1.33) Linux 4.1.33 - 131f437 Revert "ARC: mm: don't loose PTE_SPECIAL in pte_modify()" - 706f890 x86/AMD: Apply erratum 665 on machines without a BIOS fix - 8fdbea4 x86/paravirt: Do not trace _paravirt_ident_*() functions - 7a17327 ovl: listxattr: use strnlen() - 02b7c97 ovl: remove posix_acl_default from workdir - 29c4d8d serial: 8250: added acces i/o products quad and octal serial cards - 8f96009 sysfs: correctly handle read offset on PREALLOC attrs - f53680b sysfs: correctly handle short reads on PREALLOC attrs. - 33d720d kernfs: don't depend on d_find_any_alias() when generating notifications - e185718 dm crypt: fix free of bad values after tfm allocation failure - af26eb1 dm crypt: fix error with too large bios - 14afdb2 dm log writes: fix check of kthread_run() return value - 6f3e5e4 dm log writes: fix bug with too large bios - 0fe7182 dm log writes: move IO accounting earlier to fix error path - 99663cd NFSv4.x: Fix a refcount leak in nfs_callback_up_net - f6b02c5 xfs: prevent dropping ioend completions during buftarg wait - d023f70 xfs: fix superblock inprogress check - 206538f USB: serial: option: add WeTelecom 0x6802 and 0x6803 products - b3e7cf0 USB: avoid left shift by -1 - f3c7748 pNFS: The client must not do I/O to the DS if it's lease has expired - 47998eb iio: accel: kxsd9: Fix raw read return - a29b7c9 staging: comedi: ni_mio_common: fix AO inttrig backwards compatibility - f27b803 staging: comedi: ni_mio_common: fix wrong insn_write handler - 33f100b staging: comedi: daqboard2000: bug fix board type matching code - f8ce587 USB: serial: option: add WeTelecom WM-D200 - b1918a0 usb: chipidea: udc: don't touch DP when controller is in host mode - 1898b62 USB: serial: mos7840: fix non-atomic allocation in write path - 9f4cc3b USB: serial: mos7720: fix non-atomic allocation in write path - 24628b5 cpuset: make sure new tasks conform to the current config of the cpuset - 214b2da ovl: don't copy up opaqueness - b9ee45d dmaengine: usb-dmac: check CHCR.DE bit in usb_dmac_isr_channel() - 0a6f797 ext4: validate that metadata blocks do not overlap superblock - 469a242 [PATCH] arm: fix handling of F_OFD_... in oabi_fcntl64() - 871499e staging: comedi: comedi_test: fix timer race conditions - efaf365 Merge tag 'v4.1.32' into 4.1-1.0.x-imx - 3b60b86 (tag: v4.1.32) Linux 4.1.32 - dfd742c PCI: Limit config space size for Netronome NFP4000 - 8d3cd03 PCI: Add Netronome NFP4000 PF device ID - 2ca638d PCI: Limit config space size for Netronome NFP6000 family - ebcd021 PCI: Add Netronome vendor and device IDs - 8847401 PCI: Support PCIe devices with short cfg_size - f7bb9ba fs/seq_file: fix out-of-bounds read - 942d5c0 clocksource/drivers/sun4i: Clear interrupts after stopping timer in probe function - 917f153 dm flakey: fix reads to be issued if drop_writes configured - 1d6a6dc xenbus: don't look up transaction IDs for ordinary writes - 083e76a x86/apic: Do not init irq remapping if ioapic is disabled - a3f914b timekeeping: Cap array access in timekeeping_debug - 0c7b2c2 timekeeping: Avoid taking lock in NMI path with CONFIG_DEBUG_TIMEKEEPING - 2d701be um: Don't discard .text.exit section - befdc6e ubifs: Fix assertion in layout_in_gaps() - d9a5bd9 vhost/scsi: fix reuse of &vq->iov[out] in response - f85090f Input: tegra-kbc - fix inverted reset logic - bdd62ec ALSA: line6: Fix POD sysfs attributes segfault - 571d361 ALSA: line6: Give up on the lock while URBs are released. - c717f88 ALSA: line6: Remove double line6_pcm_release() after failed acquire. - 6c000a4 drm: Reject page_flip for !DRIVER_MODESET - f4eaf28 parisc: Fix order of EREFUSED define in errno.h - 66751ff ARC: export __udivdi3 for modules - 871b20f ARC: Support syscall ABI v4 - 35de4db ARC: use correct offset in pt_regs for saving/restoring user mode r25 - 0798beb ARCv2: STAR 9000808988: signals involving Delay Slot - bc78e69 Input: i8042 - set up shared ps2_cmd_mutex for AUX ports - 146ed73 drm/radeon: fix radeon_move_blit on 32bit systems - bb6cf2c gpio: Fix OF build problem on UM - cb515bd bcache: RESERVE_PRIO is too small by one when prio_buckets() is a power of two. - 220360d bcache: register_bcache(): call blkdev_put() when cache_alloc() fails - 35b8f91 drm/radeon: only apply the SS fractional workaround to RS[78]80 - 388bf26 drm/radeon: don't use fractional dividers on RS[78]80 if SS is enabled - 31df338 uprobes: Fix the memcg accounting - 26390c7 block: Fix race triggered by blk_set_queue_dying() - 0df5268 ASoC: atmel_ssc_dai: Don't unconditionally reset SSC on stream startu - 7ae87ee ARC: Elide redundant setup of DMA callbacks - 0e16c54 ARC: Call trace_hardirqs_on() before enabling irqs - e1052fb usb: xhci: Fix panic if disconnect - 23c50b2 xhci: always handle "Command Ring Stopped" events - 9fd7c33 cdc-acm: fix wrong pipe type on rx interrupt xfers - 1a8eadf usb: misc: usbtest: add fix for driver hang - 79e3a23 usb: renesas_usbhs: Use dmac only if the pipe type is bulk - 80a979e usb: renesas_usbhs: clear the BRDYSTS in usbhsg_ep_enable() - 03b78ea drm/i915: fix aliasing_ppgtt leak - 46c9df4 pinctrl/amd: Remove the default de-bounce time - f079b0e usb: dwc3: pci: add Intel Kabylake PCI ID - f034f1c usb: dwc3: pci: add support for Intel Broxton SOC - 888ea95 usb: dwc3: pci: trivial: Formatting - b424684 usb: dwc3: gadget: always cleanup all TRBs - a694f3f usb: dwc3: gadget: fix for short pkts during chained xfers - 60b8bcf usb: dwc3: gadget: increment request->actual once - d3c1edb s390/dasd: fix hanging device after clear subchannel - 5bd6b61 usb: ehci: change order of register cleanup during shutdown - fdcdf5b usb: hub: Fix unbalanced reference count/memory leak/deadlocks - aca7803 crypto: caam - fix non-hmac hashes - e989e0c aacraid: Check size values after double-fetch from user - 6a19c73 USB: serial: fix memleak in driver-registration error path - 61882ca USB: serial: option: add support for Telit LE920A4 - 2980f14 USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add device ID for WICED USB UART dev board - 65b2f0a USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add PIDs for Ivium Technologies devices - cbae576 USB: serial: option: add D-Link DWM-156/A3 - 4bb0dda mac80211: fix purging multicast PS buffer queue - 2dd916f tcp: enable per-socket rate limiting of all 'challenge acks' - 2b21117 tcp: make challenge acks less predictable - beebc82 powerpc/eeh: eeh_pci_enable(): fix checking of post-request state - 99f614a Linux 4.1.31 - 432273c MIPS: KVM: Propagate kseg0/mapped tlb fault errors - 7fe3930 MIPS: KVM: Fix gfn range check in kseg0 tlb faults - 0fbddc0 MIPS: KVM: Add missing gfn range check - 342b88e MIPS: KVM: Fix mapped fault broken commpage handling - 867df5e ext4: verify extent header depth - cd51084 ALSA: timer: Fix leak in events via snd_timer_user_tinterrupt - 1fbc4fd ALSA: timer: Fix leak in events via snd_timer_user_ccallback - 1b7d7bc ALSA: timer: Fix leak in SNDRV_TIMER_IOCTL_PARAMS - c65b5c9 USB: OHCI: Don't mark EDs as ED_OPER if scheduling fails - 6412c3a ovl: verify upper dentry before unlink and rename - 40b9a8f iio:ad7266: Fix probe deferral for vref - fb079b4 iio:ad7266: Fix support for optional regulators - 44cdc9f iio:ad7266: Fix broken regulator error handling - 94f9384 iio: accel: kxsd9: fix the usage of spi_w8r8() - b2372ff staging: iio: accel: fix error check - c1a8303 iio: proximity: as3935: fix buffer stack trashing - 9db892c iio: proximity: as3935: remove triggered buffer processing - e2a296e9 iio: proximity: as3935: correct IIO_CHAN_INFO_RAW output - f247adf iio:st_pressure: fix sampling gains (bring inline with ABI) - 3bdfc8b iio: Fix error handling in iio_trigger_attach_poll_func - f3c7b15 perf/x86: Fix undefined shift on 32-bit kernels - 7ceedf5 virtio_balloon: fix PFN format for virtio-1 - 4dbc156 virtio_balloon: do not change memory amount visible via /proc/meminfo - 55f883c arm64: Rework valid_user_regs - 5c46424 cdc_ncm: workaround for EM7455 "silent" data interface - 28a6d04 nfsd: check permissions when setting ACLs - 173f43c posix_acl: Add set_posix_acl - 63933c7 powerpc/pseries: Fix PCI config address for DDW - 049de19 powerpc/iommu: Remove the dependency on EEH struct in DDW mechanism - d9ee963 block: fix use-after-free in seq file - 403f056 metag: Fix __cmpxchg_u32 asm constraint for CMP - a2036fb ALSA: hda - Fix headset mic detection problem for two dell machines - 31ebbeb ALSA: hda - Fix the headset mic that will not work on Dell desktop machine - 0224028 ALSA: hda: Fix krealloc() with __GFP_ZERO usage - df75887 ALSA: hda: add AMD Bonaire AZ PCI ID with proper driver caps - 333c2cf MIPS: mm: Fix definition of R6 cache instruction - e2b438f sysv, ipc: fix security-layer leaking - 4ef5c9a mm/hugetlb: avoid soft lockup in set_max_huge_pages() - 834ced1 dm: set DMF_SUSPENDED* _before_ clearing DMF_NOFLUSH_SUSPENDING - 655fe78 dm rq: fix the starting and stopping of blk-mq queues - 980b655 dm flakey: error READ bios during the down_interval - 0d88572 ftrace/recordmcount: Work around for addition of metag magic but not relocations - 2876b1b balloon: check the number of available pages in leak balloon - c6657f7 x86/syscalls/64: Add compat_sys_keyctl for 32-bit userspace - 10855c6 ALSA: hda/realtek - Can't adjust speaker's volume on a Dell AIO - 6cdb164 ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable HP amp and mute LED on HP Folio 9480m [v3] - baea0d6 drm/nouveau/gr/nv3x: fix instobj write offsets in gr setup - c1b4d25 drm/nouveau/fbcon: fix font width not divisible by 8 - c027bc0 ubi: Make volume resize power cut aware - 304e915 ubi: Fix early logging - ae32d1b ubi: Fix race condition between ubi device creation and udev - eb61bdd fuse: fix wrong assignment of ->flags in fuse_send_init() - 614c339 fuse: fuse_flush must check mapping->flags for errors - 3fc4a4a fuse: fsync() did not return IO errors - 93c0b00 ARC: mm: don't loose PTE_SPECIAL in pte_modify() - ae9c7f3 drm/radeon: fix firmware info version checks - 7afd374 KEYS: 64-bit MIPS needs to use compat_sys_keyctl for 32-bit userspace - bd89870 KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Save/restore TM state in H_CEDE - ae40dad KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Pull out TM state save/restore into separate procedures - a3b180a CIFS: Fix a possible invalid memory access in smb2_query_symlink() - b7e61a1 fs/cifs: make share unaccessible at root level mountable - b5e8e7f Input: i8042 - break load dependency between atkbd/psmouse and i8042 - e9071d0 Documentation/module-signing.txt: Note need for version info if reusing a key - 6ac9857 module: Invalidate signatures on force-loaded modules - 7e6f0e1 net/irda: fix NULL pointer dereference on memory allocation failure - 7d06f7f fs/dcache.c: avoid soft-lockup in dput() - 49e3c9a MIPS: Don't register r4k sched clock when CPUFREQ enabled - 0e2cbad6 nfs: don't create zero-length requests - e1cc075 gpio: intel-mid: Remove potentially harmful code - 7f5a3c7 iscsi-target: Fix panic when adding second TCP connection to iSCSI session - 634a3fc audit: fix a double fetch in audit_log_single_execve_arg() - a4664af Fix broken audit tests for exec arg len - a49b282 audit: Fix check of return value of strnlen_user() - dd26566 cifs: fix crash due to race in hmac(md5) handling - b9090fe target: Fix race between iscsi-target connection shutdown + ABORT_TASK - 6c631d3 target: Fix missing complete during ABORT_TASK + CMD_T_FABRIC_STOP - 80d341f mtd: nand: fix bug writing 1 byte less than page size - 8ae0073 arm64: debug: unmask PSTATE.D earlier - f88ded2 rtc: s3c: Add s3c_rtc_{enable/disable}_clk in s3c_rtc_setfreq() - abf9569 dm: fix second blk_delay_queue() parameter to be in msec units not jiffies - 8129259 crypto: scatterwalk - Fix test in scatterwalk_done - 98953c4 Bluetooth: Fix l2cap_sock_setsockopt() with optname BT_RCVMTU - 5436aa6 KVM: VMX: handle PML full VMEXIT that occurs during event delivery - aef1e06 USB: serial: option: add support for Telit LE910 PID 0x1206 - 4af80d9 powerpc/tm: Fix stack pointer corruption in __tm_recheckpoint() - 572c8b6 powerpc/tm: Avoid SLB faults in treclaim/trecheckpoint when RI=0 - 881052c ext4: short-cut orphan cleanup on error - 3f7ed29 drm/radeon: support backlight control for UNIPHY3 - 6c2ca21 KVM: nVMX: Fix memory corruption when using VMCS shadowing - 53bb06c usb: quirks: Add no-lpm quirk for Elan - bd0702f USB: quirks: Fix another ELAN touchscreen - 256679c s390/mm: fix gmap tlb flush issues - 9b01eaf cifs: Check for existing directory when opening file with O_CREAT - bdf3214 [media] media: usbtv: prevent access to free'd resources - 47c1628 Bluetooth: Add support of 13d3:3490 AR3012 device - 6e2c93c Bluetooth: Add USB ID 13D3:3487 to ath3k - 434d638 [media] Fix RC5 decoding with Fintek CIR chipset - 2342f6e [media] media: dvb_ringbuffer: Add memory barriers - 7235df9 drm/radeon: Poll for both connect/disconnect on analog connectors - 4613d5f drm/radeon: add a delay after ATPX dGPU power off - 073435a spi: pxa2xx: Clear all RFT bits in reset_sccr1() on Intel Quark - d4d783d ext4: validate s_reserved_gdt_blocks on mount - d579705 iwlwifi: add new 8260 PCI IDs - 2fc0cdf ARM: dts: sunxi: Add a startup delay for fixed regulator enabled phys - e19f0ec5 ext4: don't call ext4_should_journal_data() on the journal inode - 906d6f4 ext4: fix deadlock during page writeback - 547df96 SUNRPC: Don't allocate a full sockaddr_storage for tracing - c580d82 ext4: check for extents that wrap around - 988777b mfd: qcom_rpm: Parametrize also ack selector size - e6b04eb mfd: qcom_rpm: Fix offset error for msm8660 - 6997496 usb: renesas_usbhs: protect the CFIFOSEL setting in usbhsg_ep_enable() - 83335cb usb: renesas_usbhs: fix NULL pointer dereference in xfer_work() - 542330f hp-wmi: Fix wifi cannot be hard-unblocked - 230dc3e serial: samsung: Fix ERR pointer dereference on deferred probe - cf61375 tty/serial: atmel: fix RS485 half duplex with DMA - ebe1398 tty/serial: at91: remove bunch of macros to access UART registers - 343c4ef of: fix memory leak related to safe_name() - 8431378 crypto: gcm - Filter out async ghash if necessary - b42d378 usb: dwc3: fix for the isoc transfer EP_BUSY flag - 4426cc6 pinctrl: cherryview: prevent concurrent access to GPIO controllers - 440357fd pinctrl: cherryview: Use raw_spinlock for locking - ba42156 pinctrl: cherryview: Serialize all register access - e057773 Update my main e-mails at the Kernel tree - 10dd8c10 gpio: pca953x: Fix NBANK calculation for PCA9536 - 27b5490 PCI: Mark Atheros AR9485 and QCA9882 to avoid bus reset - b378007 Revert "drm/i915/ilk: Don't disable SSC source if it's in use" - 7a85bf9 netlabel: add address family checks to netlbl_{sock,req}_delattr() - 85470a5 s5p-mfc: Add release callback for memory region devs - 1dd12c3 s5p-mfc: Set device name for reserved memory region devs - fce6716 HID: uhid: fix timeout when probe races with IO - 223b391 arm64: kernel: Save and restore addr_limit on exception entry - 5c57645 fs/proc/task_mmu.c: fix mm_access() mode parameter in pagemap_read() - 6a46873 netfilter: nf_nat_redirect: add missing NULL pointer check - 558ba5f (tag: v4.1.30) Linux 4.1.30 - 629d045 x86/quirks: Reintroduce scanning of secondary buses - f2da7df x86/quirks: Apply nvidia_bugs quirk only on root bus - 6264b57 Revert "MIPS: Reserve nosave data for hibernation" - 84d0821 Revert "sparc64: Fix numa node distance initialization" - bd6d85d pps: do not crash when failed to register - bea9acd radix-tree: fix radix_tree_iter_retry() for tagged iterators. - 6831c98 libceph: apply new_state before new_up_client on incrementals - 5210f97 libceph: set 'exists' flag for newly up osd - 87076a0 ovl: verify upper dentry in ovl_remove_and_whiteout() - 9524cc4 tty/vt/keyboard: fix OOB access in do_compute_shiftstate() - e77df44 libata: LITE-ON CX1-JB256-HP needs lower max_sectors - c30e87b mmc: block: fix packed command header endianness - ce05d31 media: fix airspy usb probe error path - 371ac20 vmlinux.lds: account for destructor sections - fe071fb mm, compaction: prevent VM_BUG_ON when terminating freeing scanner - ca0d868 mm, compaction: simplify handling restart position in free pages scanner - 1602957 drm/i915: Update ifdeffery for mutex->owner - 627ec70 ALSA: hda: add AMD Stoney PCI ID with proper driver caps - 282f757 ALSA: hda - fix use-after-free after module unload - f8e3078 posix_cpu_timer: Exit early when process has been reaped - 47eec48 x86/quirks: Add early quirk to reset Apple AirPort card - 2533406 net: mvneta: set real interrupt per packet for tx_done - 43506e7 ALSA: pcm: Free chmap at PCM free callback, too - 6b9d561 ALSA: ctl: Stop notification after disconnection - fb10485 ALSA: hda/realtek - add new pin definition in alc225 pin quirk table - 31534f8 ovl: Copy up underlying inode's ->i_mode to overlay inode - cb75f65 ovl: handle ATTR_KILL* - 97f2887 drm/ttm: Make ttm_bo_mem_compat available - 07761df Input: xpad - validate USB endpoint count during probe - 70aaf49 ARM: mvebu: fix HW I/O coherency related deadlocks - 2686f12 netfilter: x_tables: speed up jump target validation0357fd pinctrl: cherryview: Use raw_spinlock for locking Change-Id: Idb8f3a797b74e866074a9d551587027d21022b72 Signed-off-by: Fabio Berton <fabio.berton@ossystems.com.br> Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx_4.1-1.0.x.bb b/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx_4.1-1.0.x.bb
index f69eb71..80a472d 100644
--- a/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx_4.1-1.0.x.bb
+++ b/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx_4.1-1.0.x.bb
@@ -11,6 +11,6 @@ include linux-fslc.inc
PV .= "+git${SRCPV}"
SRCBRANCH = "4.1-1.0.x-imx"
-SRCREV = "59b38c323bd9f4cc9661bde977ebb92a8c141244"
+SRCREV = "df9f1f6ae4b3c32e53de030eb3616a6899b00741"