BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterlinux-fslc: bump to Linux version 5.4.30Pierre-Jean Texier26 hours
master-nextlinux-fslc: Upgrade 4.20 -> 5.0Otavio Salvador13 months
mortyMerge pull request #59 from IniterWorker/mortyOtavio Salvador12 months
pyroMerge pull request #61 from IniterWorker/pyroOtavio Salvador12 months
rockocorrect freescale addressPR3 weeks
sumoMerge pull request #62 from IniterWorker/sumoOtavio Salvador12 months
thudu-boot-imx: Fix filename at installDaiane Angolini5 months
warriorlinux-fslc-lts-4.19: upgrade to 4.19.107Andrey Zhizhikin9 days
zeusoptee-imx: add (backported) patches for GCC 9 & muslAndré Draszik8 hours
2.2meta-freescale-2.2.tar.gz  meta-freescale-2.2.tar.bz2  meta-freescale-2.2.zip  Otavio Salvador3 years
2.1meta-freescale-2.1.tar.gz  meta-freescale-2.1.tar.bz2  meta-freescale-2.1.zip  Otavio Salvador4 years