BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dunfellimx6sllevk: Switch virtual/bootloader to u-boot-fslcDaiane Angolini7 days
masterlinux-fslc: upgrade kernel to v5.4.66 from korgAndrey Zhizhikin5 days
master-nextptpd-qoriq: remove as linuxptp is used insteadTing Liu31 hours
mortycorrect freescale addressPR5 months
pyrocorrect freescale addressPR5 months
rockocorrect freescale addressPR6 months
sumoMerge pull request #62 from IniterWorker/sumoOtavio Salvador18 months
thudxserver-xorg: Backport to fix X server 1.20.1 crash [YOCIMX-3280]cyrilfr5 months
warriorxserver-xorg: Backport to fix X server 1.20.1 crash [YOCIMX-3280]cyrilfr5 months
zeusfsl-eula-unpack: exclude FSL_EULA_FILE from sstate signatureSamuli Piippo6 weeks
2.2meta-freescale-2.2.tar.gz  meta-freescale-2.2.tar.bz2  meta-freescale-2.2.zip  Otavio Salvador4 years
2.1meta-freescale-2.1.tar.gz  meta-freescale-2.1.tar.bz2  meta-freescale-2.1.zip  Otavio Salvador4 years