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2020-12-30imx-mkimage: allow to be used with mainline bsp for all mx8 machinesGary Bisson1-12/+0
2020-12-30imx-atf: allow to be used with mainline bsp for all mx8 machinesGary Bisson1-6/+0
2020-12-16Add mx6ull platform supportzazid1-0/+1
2020-12-16atf: rename to qoriq-atfTing Liu5-3/+3
2020-12-16atf-2.3: add recipeTing Liu1-0/+175
2020-12-16atf-tools: upgrade to 2.3Ting Liu2-7/+15
2020-12-16atf-1.5: update to 9225ad51fTing Liu1-1/+1
2020-12-16atf_git.bb: rename to atf_1.5.bbTing Liu1-0/+2
2020-12-16uefi: update to 83a97bfTing Liu1-1/+1
2020-12-16ppfe-firmware: update to f55ee9fTing Liu1-1/+1
2020-12-16mc-utils: update to 8e0b863Ting Liu1-1/+1
2020-12-16rcw: update to bd66755Ting Liu1-1/+1
2020-12-16u-boot-qoriq: update to LSDK-20.12 release (2020.04)Ting Liu9-1569/+2
2020-12-16ddr-phy: add support for lx2162aqdsTing Liu1-2/+2
2020-12-16mc-utils: add support for lx2162aTing Liu1-0/+2
2020-12-11u-boot-imx-tools: Rework the COMPATIBLE_MACHINE strategyOtavio Salvador1-2/+7
2020-12-11imx-mkimage: allow to be used with mainline bsp for mx8mAndrey Zhizhikin1-20/+14
2020-12-11imx-atf: allow to be used with mainline bsp for mx8m machinesAndrey Zhizhikin1-14/+11
2020-12-11u-boot-fslc: deploy dtb files for mx8m machinesAndrey Zhizhikin1-0/+40
2020-12-11u-boot-fslc: Update to version 2020.10Fabio Berton3-4/+4
2020-11-14atf: Use space instead of +=Khem Raj1-1/+1
2020-11-09firmware-imx: install vpu fw for mx8qm/mx8qxpMax Krummenacher1-6/+1
2020-11-04imx-vpu-hantro-vc: set compatible to the soc, not a specific machineMax Krummenacher1-1/+1
2020-10-28firmware-imx: Upgrade to version 8.9Cristinel Panfir4-3/+3
2020-10-28firmware-sof-imx: Upgrade IMX Sound Open Firmware to 1.5.0-2Cristinel Panfir1-2/+2
2020-10-27imx-seco: Upgrade to 3.7.1Cristinel Panfir2-7/+6
2020-10-27imx-sc-firmware: Upgrade to 1.6.0 versionCristinel Panfir1-3/+3
2020-10-26u-boot-imx: upgrade to imx_v2020.04_5.4.47_2.2.0Cristinel Panfir1-2/+2
2020-10-26imx-vpu-hantro-vc: Upgrade to 1.2.0Cristinel Panfir1-3/+3
2020-10-26imx-vpu-hantro: Upgrade to 1.19.0Cristinel Panfir1-3/+3
2020-10-20imx-mkimage: Update to imx_5.4.47_2.2.0 branchCristinel Panfir1-2/+2
2020-10-20imx-atf: Update to imx_5.4.47_2.2.0 branchCristinel Panfir1-2/+2
2020-10-20imx-test: Upgrade recipe to imx_5.4.47_2.2.0 branchCristinel Panfir3-45/+35
2020-10-18libimxdmabuffer: Fix allocator packageconfigs for mx8qm and mx8qxp SoCsCarlos Rafael Giani1-2/+10
2020-10-13u-boot-fslc: Bump revision to 88c58453be8Otavio Salvador1-1/+1
2020-10-11u-boot-fslc: Update revision to c28472955beOtavio Salvador1-1/+1
2020-10-06Revert move of SDMA firmwareOtavio Salvador1-3/+3
2020-10-04firmware-imx: Move VPU and SDMA firmware files to the correct pathOtavio Salvador1-11/+11
2020-10-02imx-test: Disable stringformat security flagsOtavio Salvador1-0/+3
2020-10-02imx-boot: allow for additional/different u-boot device-treeMax Krummenacher1-3/+3
2020-09-29imx-vpu-hantro-vc: introduce recipe for hantro vc8000eAndrey Zhizhikin1-0/+16
2020-09-29firmware-sof-imx: introduce recipe for sof firmwareAndrey Zhizhikin1-0/+24
2020-09-23firmware-imx: upgrade to version 8.8Andrey Zhizhikin5-83/+138
2020-09-23asound.state: add support for wm8960 codecAndrey Zhizhikin1-0/+2067
2020-09-23firmware-qca: upgrade to 3.0.2Andrey Zhizhikin4-7/+7
2020-09-23imx-mkimage: upgrade to version 1.0Andrey Zhizhikin3-23/+61
2020-09-23imx-seco: upgrade to version 3.6.3Andrey Zhizhikin3-30/+50
2020-09-23imx-sc-firmware: upgrade to 1.5.0 from NXPAndrey Zhizhikin1-7/+11
2020-09-23imx-atf: upgrade to 2.2Andrey Zhizhikin4-41/+77
2020-09-23u-boot-imx: upgrade to imx_v2020.04_5.4.24_2.1.0Andrey Zhizhikin5-55/+3