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2016-10-18SCR-4.1.15-2.0.0: Replace SCR with latest 4.1.15-2.0.0Lauren Post3-950/+103
2016-08-23SCR: Replace SCR with 4.1 ga releases that align to i.MX kernel releases on t...Lauren Post3-124/+607
2016-04-19SCR: Add 3.14.38-6UL_ga software content registerLauren Post1-0/+384
2016-04-19SCR: Update to 3.14.38-6QP_GA releaseLauren Post1-21/+40
2016-04-19SCR: Update to 3.14.38-6QP_beta Software Content RegisterLauren Post2-454/+109
2015-07-16Move meta-fsl-arm content to layer rootOtavio Salvador2-0/+710