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authorChunrong Guo <chunrong.guo@nxp.com>2019-01-11 03:14:23 +0000
committerOtavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>2019-01-14 16:23:38 -0200
commitd6e6b0cfcd1c58a1cfda24d4cac5016368373728 (patch)
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dpdk: update to f451d2b
*update to lsdk 1812 tag include the following changes f451d2b - PVT:dpaa: add ipv6 distribution in fmc xml scripts c3c6697 - examples/l3fwd: add per port buffer pool support 8232d30 - PVT: bus/fslmc: fix array access in interrupt affinity for LCORE_ID_ANY c09e3c4 - Merge pull request #824 in GITAM/dpdk from ~NXA19696/dpdk:17.11-qoriq-dev to 17.11-qoriq-dev 6e381aa - bus/fslmc: apply portal to cpu mapping only for non-rx portals 4f3b82f - Merge pull request #822 in GITAM/dpdk from ~NXA19696/dpdk:17.11-qoriq-dev to 17.11-qoriq-dev 58f92eb - bus/fslmc: Reset portal memory before use 7b8d2ee - bus/fslmc: Performance optimization in QBMan Enqueue functionality 2b6f083 - security: fix crash on destroy null session 559e318 - examples/l2fwd-crypto: skip device not supporting operation df3b0ce - examples/l2fwd-crypto: check return value on IV size check fe0af02 - examples/l2fwd-crypto: fix digest with AEAD algo abbda5d - examples/ipsec-secgw: fix bypass rule processing 3f81162 - examples/ipsec-secgw: fix IPv4 checksum at Tx 2ddfbf9 - build: enable ARM NEON flag when __aarch64__ defined bc5b0b6 - eal/arm64: fix instrinsic for GCC < 4.9 e25189f - eal: fix build with -O1 fa83a50 - table: add dedicated params struct for cuckoo hash 80833dd - net/dpaa2: fix MAC address initialization 84e9838 - PVT: change the map files default to 17.11 afa05d0 - doc: add doc for dpaa2 pmd timestamp api 2871fe5 - net/dpaa2: fix the copyright year due to changes f78341c - net/dpaa2: fix clang compilation issues db2dd17 - PVT:dpaa2: change dpsec to 8 by default 5a815c5 - mk: fix cross build 4c9beb5 - Merge pull request #821 in GITAM/dpdk from DPDK-1499-fmcless-pcd to 17.11-qoriq-dev a077d74 - PVT: misc clang compilation fixes 4626a2d - PVT: net/dpaa: add schema for default pcd Signed-off-by: Chunrong Guo <chunrong.guo@nxp.com>
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diff --git a/recipes-extended/dpdk/dpdk_17.11.bb b/recipes-extended/dpdk/dpdk_17.11.bb
index 12349b54..58558b45 100644
--- a/recipes-extended/dpdk/dpdk_17.11.bb
+++ b/recipes-extended/dpdk/dpdk_17.11.bb
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ SRC_URI = "git://source.codeaurora.org/external/qoriq/qoriq-components/dpdk;nobr
file://add-RTE_KERNELDIR_OUT-to-split-kernel-bu.patch \
file://0001-fix-gcc-8-build-error.patch \
-SRCREV = "0c0332ae0016ca6742961f1f4ac6e2f4fdbe215a"
+SRCREV = "f451d2beff458833f4da6682694ebc5c03d595c6"
S = "${WORKDIR}/git"