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ceetm: update to a237e09
* kernel module was seperated now, no need to build/install * update the compatible machine list Changelog: a237e09 ceetm: qcount and qweight aren't mandatory; update the help message 09fd87e ceetm: change the qweight for wbfs classes at runtime 09d6bc7 ceetm: remove the ceetm kernel module fd9c4b3 ceetm: update class statistics 92c37a4 ceetm: edit the help message d155fd6 ceetm: configure the cr and er of prio classes 610e157 ceetm: separate print_opt into two calls 3a35a3c ceetm: configure the wbfs weight 3b2fdd0 ceetm: show wbfs classes 8b42626 ceetm: add the wbfs qdisc e9deb04 ceetm: merge the qdisc and class types; allow rates equal to 0 e45fc61 Configure the channels in the root classes 0eb7c9b Print a prio class 270c21b ceetm: configure the prio qdisc f272dbe ceetm: configure the root qdisc and the underlying classes fa07c93 ceetm: update the qdisc's help messages 1adfe00 ceetm: obtain the port's subportal dynamically Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@nxp.com>
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