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authorOtavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>2018-06-11 15:32:58 -0300
committerOtavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>2018-06-11 15:32:58 -0300
commitca39f9534da9477e332700c56ace89a7ca1783db (patch)
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imx-usb-loader: Update to e539461 revision
Following changes are included: e539461 mx8mq_usb_work.conf: use files so magic addresses aren't needed 2913fd0 treat plug-in field in boot data as flags 135e6b4 remove default load address e90fa1b move work handling to imx_sdp 871a070 use static for local functions de8579f remove obsolte define MAX_IN_LENGTH 2678c73 move SDP client-side emulation to separate compile unit aea7afa move byte-order macros to portable header file 04cd5c4 imx_loader_config: rename jump_script to jump_direct 85a1b60 tests: update tests since now J_HEADER=3 2760dba imx_sdp: add jump_script support c7e62cc Merge branch 'introduce-structs' of https://github.com/toradex/imx_loader into toradex-introduce-structs 53b3a1b imx_sdp: add comment to fsize change 39380ab imx_sdp: need to extend file size when header is added to end of file 25c5c4b introduce struct dcd_v2 5f6fe7b introduce struct ivt_header 4603ea5 move DCD checks to perform_dcd d7f4caf rename header structs to align with imximage 0029824 move config file parsing in separate file c8a08dc tests: update test outputs 6ae9528 imx_usb: support multiple work items in simulation mode 273ddf0 imx_usb: move all USB handling into do_autodetect_dev 51e0591 mx8mq_usb_work.conf: load dtb/bl31 affb132 mx6_usb_work.conf: add comments fa7912a imx_sdp: add skip parameter d9779f8 imx_sdp: have fetch_data always limit buf_cnt to not include header b55929d mx8mq_usb_work.conf: s/mx6/mx8/ 13294c7 test: add line vid=0x1fc9 pid=0x012b file_name=mx8mq_usb_work.conf 28170ef imx_sdp: add imx8 support, jump support ade3b8b imx_sdp: avoid short packets in load_file 3003258 imx_sdp: fix fetch_data b5eac6d tests: update test output for test-dcd.imx 7c5d0e0 imx_sdp: add writeable_header to struct load_desc fcd8632 imx_sdp: fix do_simulation cur_mem assignment f960ef3 imx_sdp: print message when dcd_ptr is cleared f157268 imx_sdp: keep track of the buffer's file offset 70c14db imx_sdp: separate jump, from load_file_from_desc d02a4dc imx_sdp: make do_data_transfer try to finish the transfer specified 5e6fb14 imx_sdp: add comment about setting bulk mode header address 635ee4e imx_sdp: change parameters to load_file 340d7ac imx_sdp: create routine load_file_from_desc cb62c3f imx_sdp: add verify to struct load_desc c98b0ba imx_sdp: add header_offset to struct load_desc c97a7e4 imx_sdp: add fsize to struct load_desc fcf8e37 imx_sdp: use ld.buf_size for BUF_SIZE 009297b imx_sdp: rename cnt to buf_cnt 74a117b imx_sdp: move FILE* xfile to struct load_desc 65bee76 imx_sdp: move buf_start and cnt to struct load_desc f259b47 imx_sdp: create struct load_desc ab55cab imx_sdp: move functions load_file/jump higher before process_header c598fd1 imx_sdp: introduce do_data_transfer f346f04 imx_sdp: introduce do_command 5f08b3a tests: update test outputs 137e34a imx_sdp: use do_response for BULK report 3 transfer 059b79b imx_sdp: use do_response in read/write_memory e241467 imx_sdp: use do_response in jump 35e238f imx_usb/sdp: properly simulate jump command 4cd4d94 imx_usb: use do_response in do_status 1bf0b1d tests: update test outputs ad1add1 imx_sdp: extract response handling 93ad1a2 introduce tests 936c4fe imx_usb: support verification in simulation 70eaa73 imx_usb: introduce simulation mode 931c78f imx_sdp: use consistently only \n fe77dae imx_usb: reintegrate option parsing 3bb6cd2 imx_sdp: clarify BULK download address/header relation 0a322b0 bump version to 0.2pre 6aa2ee6 add version number a949687 imx_uart: return success on requesting help explicitly 869d06b Merge pull request #71 from toradex/jump-separation 013fa23 imx_sdp: move jump command out of main download function 138c0b2 Added uninstall rule for GNU make 7e77787 README: Include i.MX7 in the supported list of SoCs 2a85287 imx_usb.conf: Add vendor and product ID for NXP boards d34a3e3 make sure imx_sdp.c gets rebuilt on image.h change 3911cd6 resync image.h with U-Boot v2017.09 ce730fb batch mode for multiple downloads 378a832 add U-Boot header example 5f8fbc4 Add support for U-Boot image headers ed17e6b imx_usb.conf: Add support for i.MX6SLL device cd281c2 mx7ulp_usb_work.conf: Add support for i.MX7ULP device f04f225 Add options to filter by bus & device id 75d8237 Update imx_usb.conf a2cf488 Make project buildable on macOS deaaea5 Skip the DCD loading if its length is 0 69d4850 Fix possible overflow ba6b31c Make project buildable on FreeBSD c33d83d remove unused variables and other trivial warnings 4528254 consequently use plus for byte conversion concatenation f43231a avoid using unsigned char for strings 219745c enable warnings by default c8f4ead imx_usb: fix C99 warning by moving retry definition to top of function 4bab49a imx_sdp: print better error message in verify_memory 523dd99 imx_sdp: add retries to read_memory b40ec96 Add Visual Studio 2015 project file for imx_usb d7e10c9 Move dbg_printf to portable.h d5529d4 Search for configuration file in current working directory 98dd7a2 Derive configuration directory from environment on Windows 561f037 Transfer always specified report 2 length 0d57130 Improve error handling around DoIRomDownload ba88872 Fix compare between signed and unsigned values 49a1ca7 Fix error handling in uart_connect db409dd Make sure strings are properly terminated 4175891 Add Makefile for MinGW b698636 Move IO functions to portable header file f864538 Introduce portable.h to have a common place for portability defines 8958e39 Move and update Visual Studio project files 9dd3788 Use compiler built-ins for byteswap 7c6853c Introduce do_autodetect_dev to implement current behavior dd28f77 Add "-N" to skip UART association phase 408680b Add debugmode for UART method f0188c1 move USB work handling in its own function da82f8a simplify and document work processing a0b11cc improve error message, move message to debug c00279d deduplicate device initialization code 04a6f97 improve error handling 9b0e81c Remove obsolete mx53_usbarmory_work.conf bb0e593 Fix DCD writing for i.MX5x devices a0160b2 mx53_usb_work.conf: change crlf to lf 297a57a Add DCD loading address parameter in conf file ba96a36 use PKG_CONFIG variable for pkg-config calls 48a85c0 Fix segfault on plugin load 85ecb0d Merge pull request #32 from jcorbier/master 6deb910 Use the DCD_WRITE SDP command Change-Id: Ia9494366b37a0b4a60f91f82bad6f4456849c439 Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
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diff --git a/recipes-devtools/imx-usb-loader/imx-usb-loader_git.bb b/recipes-devtools/imx-usb-loader/imx-usb-loader_git.bb
index c62347cd..1f8d13e8 100644
--- a/recipes-devtools/imx-usb-loader/imx-usb-loader_git.bb
+++ b/recipes-devtools/imx-usb-loader/imx-usb-loader_git.bb
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=4fbd65380cdd255951079008b364516c"
DEPENDS = "libusb"
-SRCREV = "349286e25c3fd9b2d31b31e962340123bbc62d44"
+SRCREV = "e5394615dd413c3823d5bd1de340933e16a8c07c"
SRC_URI = "git://github.com/boundarydevices/imx_usb_loader.git;protocol=http"
PV = "1.0+${SRCPV}"