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authorC.R. Guo <chunrong.guo@nxp.com>2018-04-03 11:50:21 +0800
committerOtavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>2018-04-11 10:26:14 -0300
commite92f5cb438291c2ee70cfdbd85cfd95f299eb7ac (patch)
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secure-obj: add recipes
*include the following changes: 74befe0 - SOBJ_TA: Fix for crash on running multiple sobj_eng_app simultaneously abfad4b - SOBJ_ENG: Adding support for parsing fake pem file 0120544 - SOBJ_APP:Adding option to save label in pem file 0f75291 - LIB: Removing compilation error 40cb954 - Updating README file 02be730 - SEC_KEY_DEV: Removing Compilation Error for Linux 4.14 1ed3e61 - SEC_KEY_DEV: Updating module information. 99253c5 - SEC_ENG_APP: Removing Compilation Error bb77eb4 - Merge pull request #14 in DNDEV/secure_obj from devel to master 7a98861 - Miscellaneous Changes 3225611 - SEC_KEY_DEV: Updating License to GPLV2.0 6d22fae - SEC_KEY_DEV: Removing FLIB dependancy for MP Key feature 436d79c - Removing issues reported by coverity 3db41f7 - LIB: Adding application for testing Secure Object Engine 1ae06b6 - SOBJ_ENGINE: Adding Secure Object based OpenSSL Engine 1e322f4 - LIB: Adding License to MP Apps file 4445c63 - LIB: Adding Manufacturing Key Feature 5b68462 - LIB: Changing library name to libsecure_obj.so f700c98 - Added Secure Object Application. d9d6a06 - APP: Coverity issue fix fe0da83 - TA: Add support for SK_GenerateKeyPair api 6589f45 - LIB: Add support for SK_Digest api 33dccce - TA: Add support for SK_Digest api 748187b - TA: Adding LICENSE to Secure Storage TA files dded4a9 - LIB: Adding LICENSE to Securekey Library files 0fbacc6 - LIB: Adding description of APIs in securekey_api.h ff95077 - LIB: Incorporate review comments on securekey_api_types.h f77a134 - TA: Incorporate review comments 2bb00f3 - LIB: Replacing printf with debug prints a88d9b8 - Coverity: Solving issues reported by coverity b0017c8 - TA: Add support for SK_Decrypt instead of SK_Encrypt 352ef6d - LIB: Make global func list static & do runtime init 2d09e72 - LIB: Add SK_Sign & SK_Encrypt APIs implementation db11a50 - LIB: Update securekey header files with sign and encrypt api's d4a29de - TA: Add support for SK_Sign and SK_Encrypt api's 09ceac4 - LIB: Adding implementation of SK_GetObjectAttribute API 877c1fb - TA: Update securekey_api_types.h with sign/encrypt types a1e709a - TA: Add support for SK_GetObjectAttribute api 5c7479c - LIB: Correcting Error mapping function a0deca2 - LIB: Adding test for enumerate object on attributes c9a2feb - LIB: Adding implementation of SK_EraseObject f63f9ce - TA: Add support for SK_EraseObject api bcb1d3d - TA: Add support for match attribute in SK_FindObject api 3ae46cd - LIB: Exposing function pointers from Securekey Library e9a2ce9 - LIB: Mapping TEE errors to SecureKey errors 912e388 - LIB: Adding implementation of SK_EnumerateObjects a14cbbb - LIB: Adding SK_CreateObject Implementation 20ce6af - TA: Add client side test framework 4fafd61 - TA: Add sub.mk for compilation 62edd11 - TA: Add implementation for SK_FindObject api 597d4e0 - TA: Add implementation for SK_CreateObject api e11ea98 - TA: Add database mgmt and hepler api's 0ba7bd3 - TA: Add framework for Secure Storage API's e113d79 - TA: Changes in Makefile to comply with OP-TEE compilation d24d3d4 - Adding file hierarchy framework 9075f15 - Initial Commit Signed-off-by: Chunrong Guo <chunrong.guo@nxp.com> Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
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