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authorChunrong Guo <chunrong.guo@nxp.com>2017-10-18 13:06:41 +0800
committerOtavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>2017-10-18 11:42:30 -0200
commitcab0d505847ee353bc5b0808cccdd3ca80e7cb0b (patch)
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fmc: update recipes
*update SRC_URL and update to 4377bfc This includes the following changes: 4377bfc - Set LS1043 as default platform (for DASH integration) 81e4796 - Revert default platform flag to P4080 4729b49 - Enable support for LS1046 (based on LS1043 integration) a079d2c - update variable names to match fmlib changes 44b1f42 - Revert "Aging support added for classification" 9732cd8 - Aging support added for classification 03505c3 - [QSDK-2331] fmc: PIR/PBS are considered synonyms for CIR/CBS in policer tags 757754b - ENGR00341753: Schemes sharing between ports is not working eca7122 - Added makefile support for LS1043 b9e52be - ENGR00354640: fmc regression: Bad FMan port handle used in FM_PORT_VSPAlloc causes FMD call trace 435d76d - ENGR354592: FMC SoftParser 'otherl3' protocol definition generates error 92494f0 - Changed makefile to use flags: FMAN_V3H / FMAN_V3L (ENGR353626) 1695da4 - ENGR00352834: FMC: Add support for FM_PCD_KgSetAdditionalDataAfterParsing API 450d314 - ENGR351010: FMC: Share schemes used for IPR across multiple ports b2b6226 - ENGR00349008: ALU PCD generates Segmentation fault for direct schemes usage 6b14996 - ENGR00348810: ALU PCD generates: FmPcdCcGetGrpParams: Invalid Handle 955706a - ENGR348539: ALU PCD generates: grpId you asked > numOfGroup of relevant tree 06548b6 - ENGR00347977: ALU PCD using direct schemes generates Error: Unresolved cycled dependencies e843d51 - ENGR00315208: [FMC] failed to configure ALU PCD 4f4a3eb - ENGR00342608: Major error on ALU PCD: IC_HASH_INDEXED numOfKeys has to be powerOfTwo a3e40ab - ENGR00342299: ALU PCD (fmc_pcd_ed44_skeleton_TSOC.xml) generates Segmentation fault 71deab3 - ENGR00342299: ALU PCD (fmc_pcd_ed44_skeleton_TSOC.xml) generates Segmentation fault aa34fa3 - ENGR00341753: Schemes sharing between ports is not working e6fee7f - ENGR00341091: False error reported by FMC in ALU PCD: 'ERR: Unresolved cycled dependencies are found' 2fb5b1c - ENGR00340476: ALU Issue with pbit marking with a given DSCP (B0198) 284a506 - ENGR329197: 32 Schema limit exhausted when FMC duplicates the schemas even if same policy is attached to all the ports 0434629 - ENGR00338449: Enable Test automation framework for FMC on Linux host OS d09735b - ENGR00338121: fmc: Support new convention for port type in xml config file f46f085 - Improvement to: ENGR330486: ALU B0187: FMC/libxml2 SDK1.5 FB3 : Memory leaked during PCD xml application c2330c3 - ENGR00330486: ALU B0187 : FMC/ libxml2 SDK1.5 FB3 : Memory leaked during PCD xml application 2bff057 - ENGR00325623: PCD : replicator issue 4157f75 - ENGR00316689: fmc: Ccnode mask support option fails to propagate into the PCD 35b9363 - ENGR00320235: reassembly management with PCD xml (FMC) - FM_PCD_MAX_NUM_OF_CC_GROUPS 021f720 - ENGR00308464 - FMD PCD: seg fault error while creating ccnode without mask 8c37700 - Enabled ENGR00305912 : individual keygen extraction (IPV6 VER+TC) and (IPv6 FL) 400d483 - Disabled ENGR00305912 until is available in FMD c21c326 - Enabled ipv6.flabel as supported full field extraction *remvoe EXTRA_OEMAKE_PLATFORM for powerpc nxp release will not support ppc machine Signed-off-by: Chunrong Guo <chunrong.guo@nxp.com> Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/dynamic-layers/openembedded-layer/recipes-dpaa/fmc/fmc_git.bb b/dynamic-layers/openembedded-layer/recipes-dpaa/fmc/fmc_git.bb
index aff5130b..8bfde71b 100644
--- a/dynamic-layers/openembedded-layer/recipes-dpaa/fmc/fmc_git.bb
+++ b/dynamic-layers/openembedded-layer/recipes-dpaa/fmc/fmc_git.bb
@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ PR = "r2"
DEPENDS = "libxml2 fmlib tclap"
-SRC_URI = "git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/fmc.git;branch=sdk-v2.0.x"
-SRCREV = "81e4796fd22e32fe7ab77f075c1879d7bb75c02e"
+SRC_URI = "git://github.com/qoriq-open-source/fmc.git;nobranch=1"
+SRCREV = "4377bfc24626a0db3bedb6e1cbb201f6f6df964c"
S = "${WORKDIR}/git"
@@ -19,10 +19,6 @@ EXTRA_OEMAKE_virtclass-native = 'FMCHOSTMODE=1 FMD_USPACE_HEADER_PATH="${STAGING
-EXTRA_OEMAKE_PLATFORM_b4 = "b4860qds"
-EXTRA_OEMAKE_PLATFORM_t2 = "b4860qds"
-EXTRA_OEMAKE_PLATFORM_t4 = "b4860qds"
-EXTRA_OEMAKE_PLATFORM_t1 = "t1040qds"
EXTRA_OEMAKE_PLATFORM_ls1043a = "ls1043"
EXTRA_OEMAKE_PLATFORM_ls1046a = "ls1046"