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You also need a OS-X sysroot tarball/zip file generated (copied) from a target OS-X
system. This is placed in the osx-runtime files directory and is used to compile the SDK
against it. It needs to contain the system libraries (/usr/lib) and include files
+(/usr/include). This tarball is not part of this meta-darwin layer and must be
+created by the user. To create it, the user is required to have a legitimate Mac computer
+with OSX 10.8 or later and with Xcode 5.1.0 or later installed.
+To create the SDK tarball, perform the following steps using your Mac computer:
+1. Install Xcode 5.1.0 or later using App Store.
+2. Install the command-line development tools
+ (Preferences -> Downloads -> Command-line tools)
+3. Use Terminal to create the file OSX-sdk.zip from the OSX SDK (this sample assumes
+ OSX 10.10):
+ $ mkdir ~/Desktop/OSX-sdk
+ $ cd ~/Desktop/OSX-sdk
+ $ ditto `xcrun --sdk macosx10.10 --show-sdk-path` .
+ $ cd ..
+ $ zip -yr OSX-sdk OSX-sdk
+4. Copy the created OSX-sdk.zip file to your Yocto development machine, placing it into
+ meta-darwin layer:
+ <...>/meta-darwin/recipes-devtools/osx-runtime/files
This layer depends on: