This layer provides support for building Baryon, a small Linux distribution
focused on NAS devices primarily supporting the Intel Black Sand (N450
development board).


This layer depends on the Poky metadata. For more information on Poky see
the Yocto Project website:


Release edison-6.0 or later is required.


This layer is maintained by the Yocto Project. Send patches / pull requests
to yocto@yoctoproject.org with '[meta-baryon]' in the subject.

Building the meta-baryon layer

After you download meta-baryon, be sure to add its location to bblayers.conf.

The meta-baryon layer uses the 'lame' recipe and provides the 'ffmpeg' recipe,
both of which may require licenses to use in a commercial product. To confirm
that you understand this, you must add the string "commercial" to the
LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST variable in your local.conf. For example:


Optionally, you can set the DISTRO flag to both identify the image as Baryon 
and cut down DISTRO_FEATURES to something more appropriate for a headless NAS 
type device. For example:

  DISTRO = "baryon"

You should then be able to build the image as such:

  $ . ./oe-init-build-env
  $ bitbake baryon-image


All metadata is MIT licensed unless otherwise stated. Source code included
in tree for individual recipes is under the LICENSE stated in each recipe
(.bb file) unless otherwise stated.

This README document is Copyright (C) 2011 Intel Corporation.