path: root/meta-steppeeagle/recipes-kernel
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-10-11steppeeagle: use actual license text for LIC_FILES_CHKSUMAwais Belal3-14/+3
2017-10-11steppeeagle: drop usage of PV and PRAwais Belal3-9/+0
2017-04-03Merge pull request #417 from abelal/mullins_firmwareWade Farnsworth15-7/+9
2017-04-03linux-firmware: update Mullins firmwareAwais Belal15-7/+9
2017-03-31steppeeagle: disable DEBUG_PREEMPT and DEBUG_RODATAAwais Belal1-0/+2
2017-01-30kernel-module: Fix recipes for amd-spi and amd-wdtAhsan Hussain3-28/+3
2016-11-16linux-yocto: fix QA warningsAwais Belal1-1/+1
2016-10-14SE/BE: move to 4.4 kernelAwais Belal1-0/+0
2016-08-16amd-gpio: Drop test of err condition in API returning void.Drew Moseley2-9/+2
2016-04-07Enable IMC and or AMD SPI SDKArindam Nath2-1/+19
2016-04-05linux-yocto: Upgrade SE / BE to v4.1 kernel and refactorMichael6-4201/+518
2015-07-02meta-steppeeagle: yocto complianceAwais Belal1-1/+1
2015-02-12linux-amd: Add MEL 2014.12 FS supportMichael1-7/+23
2014-12-08amd: Upgrade to kernel v3.12.34Drew Moseley2-0/+0
2014-12-06amd: Move all AMD kernel patches into commonDrew Moseley11-515/+0
2014-11-07radeon-firmware: move common stuff to amd/commonAwais Belal26-77/+9
2014-11-07wdt-load gpio-load: move recipe to common layerAwais Belal4-35/+0
2014-11-07linux-yocto: move main recipe to amd/common layerAwais Belal49-8877/+14
2014-08-21yocto: meta-amd: make sure spirom.h is same across app and driverArindam Nath2-1/+11
2014-08-21yocto: meta-amd: add waitqueue handling for Steppe EagleArindam Nath3-37/+20
2014-06-16amd: Add kernel config fragment supportDrew Moseley1-1/+1
2014-05-28linux-yocto: Update checksumsDrew Moseley1-2/+2
2014-05-21steppeeagle: Initial commitDrew Moseley108-0/+16423