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2019-08-28meta-amdfalconx86: remove this deprecated bspArsalan H. Awan108-44943/+0
Users may use "sumo" or previous release branches to build for this machine. Signed-off-by: Arsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>
2019-07-22add LAYERSERIES_COMPAT warrior to common and all BSP layersArsalan H. Awan1-1/+1
This adds LAYERSERIES_COMPAT warrior to common and all BSP layers, i.e. * common * v1000 * r1000 * snowyowl * amdfalconx86 * steppeeagle Signed-off-by: Arsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>
2019-07-19all/machine/conf: remove BSP and PATCH versions for MEL releasesArsalan H. Awan1-4/+0
This removes the BSP and PATCH versions for MEL releases as these are not applicable anymore. This is being done in preparation for yocto based warrior branch. Signed-off-by: Arsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>
2019-03-12v1000,r1000,amdfalconx86/local.conf: organize INCLUDE_<components>Arsalan H. Awan1-12/+14
To use a single description for all INCLUDE_<components> alongwith the supported <component> summary in each BSP's local.conf. This also helps to have a single place for all the configurable <components> in the local.conf instead of having huge paragraph for each <component> and having to scroll to find each <component>. Signed-off-by: Arsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>
2018-12-04amdfalconx86: add BSP and PATCH versions for MEL releasesAwais Belal1-0/+4
The new release process and numbering requires these versions being defined by each BSP. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2018-11-13v1000/amdfalconx86: drop deprecated packages from installationAwais Belal1-1/+1
We deprecated the LunarG SDK in one of the previous updates but missed one instance where these packages were being explicitly installed on the target, this generates a build time error. Fix this by dropping the deprecated packages from the installation list. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2018-11-08lunarg-sdk/amdfalconx86: deprecate the sdkAwais Belal22-559/+0
We're now deprecating the LunarG SDK support but we'll still keep basic Vulkan support in. The directory structure has also been changed just to make it clear. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2018-10-04amd-features.inc: align with MELAwais Belal1-3/+2
MEL is now basing its features in a way that disregard which _particular image_ is being built and gives this flexibility to user where they can decide which extra features should be populated. This is manipulated in the local.conf using EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES. This aligns the AMD features accordingly and basis all functionality on EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES. This would help minimize the risk of going off track with feature manipulation while doing open as well as MEL based builds. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2018-09-24layer.conf/README.md: add meta-python as a dependencyAwais Belal2-1/+2
All the GPU based BSPs use mesa as their GL. The newer versions of mesa require python-mako on host (native) to generate some build files and python-mako-native is only available through meta-python at this time. The core layer only provides python3-mako-native which is not usable here. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2018-09-05amdfalconx86.conf: enable MEL specific graphics featureAwais Belal1-0/+2
MEL provides an additional graphics feature which is required in order to support different types of images under MEL. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2018-07-18tune-x.inc: use the m64 TUNE_FEATUREAwais Belal1-3/+1
All the currently supported BSPs are 64bit so use the appropriate m64 TUNE_FEATURE in order to get the build environment evaluated properly. Otherwise the basic -m64 switch which is required for proper linker output specification and other such things do not end up in the correct form and the build fails in case a toolchain that supports 32 and 64bit builds is used. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2018-06-22AMD-Features: feature component var names to follow _PKGS conventionArsalan H. Awan1-2/+2
This makes configurable feature component variables to use a standardized naming convention i.e. should end with _PKGS instead of _COMPONENTS or _PACKAGES Signed-off-by: Arsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>
2018-06-22Created IMAGE_FEATURES to be used by AMD BSPs removing all img.bbappendsArsalan H. Awan1-0/+5
This defines AMD Features that can be added as EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES to different machines based on what is supported on a machine. This adds a broad flexibility and control over packages being installed on a machine for any image without needing to create bbappends for all the images that are to be supported. > Each feature can contain packages and packagegroups as its components. > Feature components can be dependent on DISTRO, IMAGE_FEATURE, or any variable in general. e.g.: Components of "amd-feature-graphics" may be dependent on "x11-base" as an IMAGE_FEATURE. Some packages may only be included for a specific DISTRO. Some packages may only be installed if user allows them in local.conf etc. > Each machine must add the required features to EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES in its own machine config file. > All required features must be added to a machine regardless of the image being built, but make sure that feature components are included based on dependency conditions. e.g. say "amd-feature-graphics" was added to a machine that supported graphics, but components of this feature must not be installed on an image that is only console based such as "core-image-base", therefore such components must depend on an IMAGE_FEATURE that is based on graphics such as "x11-base". > Each machine can also override feature components in its own machine config when adding the feature to EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES. e.g.: a feature may be added to a specific machine with minimal (or extended) packages based on requirement. Features are classified as: * amd-common-pkgs : Common pkgs to be added to all machines * amd-feature-multimedia : Multimedia packages (it does not depend on graphics because a machine may not have a GUI but could play videos and sounds from console) * amd-feature-graphics : Graphics packages * amd-feature-networking : Networking packages * amd-feature-debug-profile : Debugging and Profiling tools * More features may be added later as needed Signed-off-by: Arsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>
2018-04-17mpv: align with upstreamAwais Belal1-1/+1
Drop layer specific recipe and leverage the upstream one which is more recent. This would also make the maintenance feasible. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2018-04-13layer.conf: add LAYERSERIES_COMPATAwais Belal1-0/+1
This is now an upstream requirement for compliance and throws warnings on the console if not handled appropriately. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2018-02-19vulkan-tools: don't use deprecated functions from utils.bbclassAwais Belal1-2/+2
The correct way of using this is through the meta/lib/oe so drop the deprecated calls. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2018-02-19Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/morty' into masterAwais Belal1-1/+1
2018-02-14vulkan-tools: fix build error with Qt5Awais Belal1-1/+1
The vulkan-tools configuration process checks for Qt5 _and_ Qt5Svg availability before enabling the traceviewer but our enablement of the feature only checks for Qt5 layer which creates a discrepancy. This ends up in an installation failure when we try to manually install traceviewer binary which is skipped during the build process due to the above reason. We fix this by depending upon the qtsvg package as well which is checked for during the configuration process otherwise a race condition would cause undesireable/unknown condition. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2017-12-12Merge morty into masterAwais Belal6-30/+54
2017-10-11amdfalconx86: use actual license text for LIC_FILES_CHKSUMAwais Belal4-17/+4
Increases maintainability and readability by using a single file with the actual license text being tested. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2017-10-11amdfalconx86: drop usage of PV and PRAwais Belal4-12/+0
PV is extracted from the filename and PR is managed through the PR service so no need to define them explicitly. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2017-09-22vulkan-tools: Move the changes to original recipesAhsan Hussain1-0/+12
meta-steppeeagle and meta-seattle do not have a vulkan-tools recipe, so move the relevant changes to the original recipes for now. Signed-off-by: Ahsan Hussain <ahsan_hussain@mentor.com>
2017-09-19vulkan-tools: Enable vktraceviewer, iff Qt layers are enabledAhsan Hussain2-1/+38
This tool was not enabled and would cause configuration issue when Qt layers are configured in the build. Signed-off-by: Ahsan Hussain <ahsan_hussain@mentor.com>
2017-06-16libdrm: move to upstream versionAwais Belal1-1/+0
We now default to the upstream version of libdrm which is 2.4.81 and hence is much stable than the one we were using earlier for AMD BSPs. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2017-05-25Merge pull request #425 from rsanjaym/mortyWade Farnsworth37-0/+10810
V1000 release
2017-05-25moving some of amdfalconx86 related kernel patches to meta-amdfalconx86 layerSanjay R Mehta37-0/+10810
Signed-off-by: Sanjay R Mehta <sanju.mehta@amd.com>
2017-05-10amdgpu: Disable Power Gating as a workaroundAhsan Hussain1-0/+3
This is a workaround for hang issues with compute shaders. Signed-off-by: Ahsan Hussain <ahsan_hussain@mentor.com>
2017-05-03vulkan: correct path for vulkan layersAwais Belal2-5/+5
The Vulkan loader looks for pre-installed layers in various hardcoded paths on the system and broadcasts this information to the application when requested. This now corrects the path for these layers and moves the layers to one of the loader defined paths so they are found automatically when searched. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2017-04-19amdgpu: get maximum and used UVD handlesAhsan Hussain2-0/+159
This enables the ability to get max. and used UVD handles from userspace. JIRA Ticket: INTAMDDET-1890 Signed-off-by: Ahsan Hussain <ahsan_hussain@mentor.com>
2017-03-31amdfalconx86: disable DEBUG_PREEMPT and DEBUG_RODATAAwais Belal1-0/+2
These configurations conflict with KGDB debugging in some cases and generate stack dumps in various other situations. The stack dumps related to mwaitx are properly fixed through https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/8549611/ but the mentioned patch is only available for Yocto kernel 4.8 and we don't use these so it is much better to avoid the problem with this for the time being rather than backporting the patch. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2017-01-30kernel-module: Fix recipes for amd-spi and amd-wdtAhsan Hussain2-19/+2
Setting PN and FILES inside the recipe was conflicting with the module.bbclass bits. SPI driver made it into the RFS because of different module package name (due to source files) than what was specified in the recipe. This is also why we were seeing two packages for it, namely kernel-module-spi-amd and kernel-module-amd-spi. Signed-off-by: Ahsan Hussain <ahsan_hussain@mentor.com>
2017-01-11Merge pull request #395 from rsanjaym/mortyDrew Moseley1-1/+1
OGL 4.3 and kernel bug fixes
2017-01-04amdfalconx86: enable and use cb-mbs-optionsMichael1-0/+3
2017-01-03kernel: Add support for vulkan semaphore and cache raster config valuesSanjay R Mehta1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Sanjay R Mehta <sanju.mehta@amd.com>
2016-12-07amdfalconx86.conf: only populate vativesdk-glslang in case of melAwais Belal1-1/+1
The Vulkan integration mainly targets the MEL Commercial configurations so the required tools should only be populated in that particular case. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-11-30amdfalconx86/conf: split INCLUDE_GAMING_COMPONENTSAdeel Arshad2-16/+19
We have analyzed that the configuration variable INCLUDE_GAMING_COMPONENTS, is no longer valid as the components it include are not particularly specific to gaming. So we have splitted it into two configuration variables INCLUDE_VULKAN and INCLUDE_CODEXL. Signed-off-by: Adeel Arshad <adeel_arshad@mentor.com>
2016-11-11vulkan-loader-layers: fix segfault on vulkaninfoAwais Belal2-1/+69
The vulkaninfo command segfaults if the DISPLAY environment variable is not set because it uses xlib and xcb interfaces which in a way that assumes availability of the said variable. We now explicitly check such scenarios to avoid segfaulting and provide user with a bit of detail. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-11-08machine.conf: allow for modifications through customer layersAwais Belal1-7/+5
The machine configuration now includes a config fragment that can be provided through customer layers. This will help in situations where a variable can only be touched through conf files rather than recipes one such example is the SERIAL_CONSOLES variable. Also pick up APPEND_ADDITIONAL which can be passed through the same customer layer for flexibility. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-11-07linux-yocto: fix QA warningsAwais Belal1-1/+0
Fixes warnings printed out during kernel_configcheck phase regarding CONFIG_BT_6LOWPAN and CONFIG_DRM_I915_PRELIMINARY_HW_SUPPORT. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-11-01Merge pull request #359 from drewmoseley/drm-cleanupDrew Moseley102-8666/+0
libdrm: Cleanup libdrm recipes
2016-11-01libdrm: Cleanup libdrm recipesDrew Moseley102-8666/+0
Move libdrm recipe into the common layer. Signed-off-by: Drew Moseley <drew_moseley@mentor.com>
2016-10-28amdfalconx86.conf: drop amd_gnb_bus auto loadingAwais Belal1-1/+1
The AMD_GNB_BUS was available under kernel 4.1 which has been dropped during the upgrade to 4.4 so the auto loading mechnism is not required anymore. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-10-27glslang: add to nativesdkAwais Belal2-1/+3
The glslangValidator is required for application development on the host through CodeBench. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-10-25lunarg-sdk: update all components to SDK version 1.0.26Awais Belal18-201/+92
This updates all the components of LunarG SDK to version 1.0.26 from 1.0.21 and adjusts patches/configurations to cater the updated bits. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-10-21conf: specify serial console prior to vga consoleAwais Belal1-1/+1
As a best practise the serial consoles should be provided earlier on the kernel command line than the vga consoles because the last console is used for taking user input and is mapped to /dev/console. Using it differently can break things at places where conflicting/incorrect serial drivers can generate a kernel panic in such a scenario. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-10-17vulkan-loader-layers: update demo namesAwais Belal1-0/+2
Same name of demos are available under mesa-demos package so we rename here just to avoid any conflicts and make both set of demos available on hte target. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-10-14linux-yocto/rt: consolidate common settings where possibleAwais Belal3-18/+13
This consolidates common settings between standard and RT type kernel across the BSPs. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-10-14SE/BE: move to 4.4 kernelAwais Belal1133-528676/+1
This commit does a few things which cannot be separated easily so it cannot be split in to separate commits. * Drops all 4.1 kernel bits. * Moves all common patches from meta-amdfalconx86 to common. * Moves SE/BE builds to 4.4 kernel. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-10-14linux-yocto-rt: enable 4.4 kernel for amdfalconx86Awais Belal2-1/+11
Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-10-13add amdgpu.cg_mask and amdgpu.pg_mask parameters disable EDCSanjay R Mehta4-1/+122