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2019-08-28common: rename to meta-amd-bspArsalan H. Awan5-11/+0
This renames common layers to meta-amd-bsp as it is going to hold all the bsps in it in the following commits. This also changes the layer title in layer.conf from "amd" to "amd-bsp" Signed-off-by: Arsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>
2019-07-18common: remove mentor mel-lite gcc8 support bitsArsalan H. Awan3-80/+0
This removes the mentor mel-lite distro specific codebench gcc8 support bits in preparation for yocto based warrior branch Signed-off-by: Arsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>
2018-11-28grub-efi: add efibootmgr as a runtime dependencyAwais Belal1-0/+1
This was earlier fixed in fcfe5490920de9c9b62c7ec106fe1a731d0b2061 but we lost the change while cleaning up our repositories thinking that it was already submitted upstream. efibootmgr is an actual runtime dependency for grub-efi. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2018-10-16grub/grub-efi: fix build with gcc8+Awais Belal3-0/+80
This is actually a backport from upstream oe-core as the mentioned fix is not available for sumo and mel lite will be using gcc8. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2018-04-13grub-efi: drop changes not needed anymoreAwais Belal4-139/+0
Between all the merges and reverts we mixed up a few things and ended up with a wrong configuration for MEL builds. This drops the unneccesary bits to fix such things. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2017-12-18cleanup: drop all unnecessary patch filesAwais Belal1-34/+0
During update/upgrade/removal of packages/recipes we missed out patch files here and there which are not being used anywhere in the layer so delete all such patch files. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2017-12-14grub: drop changes not needed anymoreAwais Belal3-180/+0
The grub-git changes are not required anymore as upstream has moved on to grub 2.02 which is what we were following through grub-git. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2017-06-16grub-efi: move to 2.02Awais Belal1-0/+0
Upstream now provides 2.02 rather than 2.00 so we need to adjust accordingly. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2017-04-12grub-efi: fix image nameAwais Belal1-2/+2
In openembedded-core, commit 860c44435ea7cbbe3517d5ab9146213cc80fd0e7 expects the grub-efi image name to be prefixed with 'grub-efi-'. Therefore adjust the name here as well. Signed-off-by: Trevor Woerner <twoerner at gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2017-04-11Revert "Revert "grub-efi: integrate recipe for grub-efi_git""Awais Belal4-0/+214
This reverts commit 447c1db31c646f1fd983006567b252b0c6b0ec4c. Upstream is not picking up the patches we submitted to allow this through the original recipes even after quite a bit of follow up so we've decided to use this through our own layer. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-12-16Revert "grub-efi: integrate recipe for grub-efi_git"Drew Moseley4-214/+0
This reverts commit 9882ed4251dce121a172a45d19ed484d2dd1e26a.
2016-12-16Revert "grub*: move to git based recipes"Drew Moseley3-0/+137
This reverts commit cb942be5728da17dcfb51819ef73e4a91981e44c.
2016-12-13grub*: move to git based recipesAwais Belal3-137/+0
This enables git based grub recipes to be used for AMD BSPs. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-12-13grub-efi: integrate recipe for grub-efi_gitAwais Belal4-0/+214
This actually copies over the grub-efi_2.00 recipe and makes simple modifications so it can use git as source. This will give us the chance to use the latest and greatest grub/grub-efi on our platforms. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-12-08grub2: fix some quirks and div by zeroAwais Belal3-0/+125
Rather than erroring out on a single attempt while terminating EFI services, make a few retries because such quirks are found in a few implementations. Also fix a div by zero issue in the same framework which causes an infinite reboot on the target. Both patches included here are backports. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2016-11-01baldeagle: Remove unsupported platform.Drew Moseley1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Drew Moseley <drew_moseley@mentor.com>
2016-10-04ALSA: Use Pulseaudio as Default PCM DeviceAhsan Hussain1-47/+2
Unity3d apps need this to work. As per my investigation, there were previously the following issues with pulseaudio. 1. It would reset values for the controls across reboots 2. A toggle cycle for master control would turn the sound off 3. Mute state for mic or headphones were not saved across reboots All of these issues are not reproducible as per my testing. One thing to note is that the master volume is retained only when set with default pcm device (pulseaudio); all the other controls for the card, e.g. headphone, mic etc can be set by selecting the right card in alsamixer. Signed-off-by: Ahsan Hussain <ahsan_hussain@mentor.com>
2016-02-02alsa-state: set default to GenericMichael1-4/+4
Set the alsa card defaults to something other than '1' or '0' to avoid naming conflicts during load or unload. After the recent kernel update to 4.1.15, the ALC662 registers as 'Generic'. Signed-off-by: Michael Powell <michael_powell@mentor.com>
2015-05-05alsa-state: use generic naming for default deviceAwais Belal1-4/+4
Generic naming is used to address default device for alsa/audio. This helps in a manner that adding/removing devices from the system would not affect. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2015-04-14alsa-state: set default device for alsamixerAwais Belal1-0/+5
Card 1 is the default device on current AMD platforms. So we update asound.conf to reflect this and make the card 1 the default device for ctl nodes as default. This allows alsamixer to open the interface directly on this card by default. Signed-off-by: Awais Belal <awais_belal@mentor.com>
2014-12-11grub: Remove extraneous commentsDrew Moseley1-3/+0
Signed-off-by: Drew Moseley <drew_moseley@mentor.com>
2014-12-11grub: add cmdpath to grub configuration fileDrew Moseley2-0/+9
An issue was found where when yocto is installed to a hard disk from a live USB key, no matter what boot order was selected in the BIOS menu, the grub menu of the USB key would always show up. The issue was narrowed down to the way grub configuration file gets embedded into the standalone bootx64.efi image. The commit prepends ($cmdpath) to the search path for grub.cfg, thus making sure the UEFI environment itself sets this to the correct device path. This in-turn lets the grub.cfg of the boot device to be loaded. Signed-off-by: Arindam Nath <arindam.nath@amd.com> Reviewed-by: Drew Moseley <drew_moseley@mentor.com> Tested-by: Ravikiran Polepalli <Ravikiran_Polepalli@mentor.com>
2014-08-05alsa-state: Setup a better asound.conf fileDrew Moseley1-5/+39
This uses a combination of the asym, dmix and dsnoop plugins to allow concurrent access to the alsa device using the Default device. Primarily this is a convenience as it is a lowest common denominator but it makes things mostly "just work" out of the box. Signed-off-by: Drew Moseley <drew_moseley@mentor.com>
2014-07-29amd: Setup default asound.conf for AMD boards.Drew Moseley2-0/+11
Signed-off-by: Drew Moseley <drew_moseley@mentor.com>
2014-07-16amd: Add MACHINEOVERRIDES option for amd.Drew Moseley1-2/+1
This allows a single variable override to apply to all AMD platforms rather than needing individual settings per board. Signed-off-by: Drew Moseley <drew_moseley@mentor.com>
2014-06-05Move formfactor recipe to common layerSean Hudson2-0/+5
Signed-off-by: Sean Hudson <sean_hudson@mentor.com>
2014-05-02grub-efi: Build with march=core2Drew Moseley1-0/+9
Build with "-march=core2" to work around grub launch failure on Bald Eagle boards. Signed-off-by: Drew Moseley <drew_moseley@mentor.com>
2014-04-30Revert "baldeagle: Specify GRUB_TARGET"Drew Moseley1-1/+0
This reverts commit 00214a30be3f9b3cdd4f6470e82676f35f6810d0.
2014-04-27baldeagle: Specify GRUB_TARGETDrew Moseley1-0/+1
Without this we are getting CPU ERROR 6 on the board and no Grub launch. Signed-off-by: Drew Moseley <drew_moseley@mentor.com>