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2021-07-30Merge pull request #710 from ArsalanHAwan/master-merge-hardknottHEADmasterWade Farnsworth106-3109/+2062
2021-07-30Merge branch 'hardknott' into 'master'Arsalan H. Awan106-3109/+2062
2021-07-28Merge pull request #709 from ArsalanHAwan/release-hardknott-ethanolx-ga-202107hardknott-ethanolx-ga-202107Wade Farnsworth2-23/+25
2021-07-28release/hardknott-ethanolx-ga-202107: add release docs and tagArsalan H. Awan2-23/+25
2021-06-28Merge pull request #708 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-ethanolx-disable-ccpWade Farnsworth3-2/+12
2021-06-28kmod: prevent ccp module autoload at system boot on ethanolxArsalan H. Awan2-0/+10
2021-06-28linux/ccp: make ccp & ccp_crypto modules as some machines dont use themArsalan H. Awan1-2/+2
2021-06-14Merge pull request #707 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-ethanolx-docsWade Farnsworth5-108/+109
2021-06-14docs: update references to milan and rome with ethanolx bspArsalan H. Awan5-108/+109
2021-06-10Merge pull request #706 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-merge-bsps-rome-milanWade Farnsworth6-19/+4
2021-06-10bsp: merge milan & rome into single bsp ethanolx as they use same boardArsalan H. Awan6-19/+4
2021-05-25Merge pull request #705 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-milan-initWade Farnsworth7-109/+123
2021-05-25docs: update supported bspsArsalan H. Awan5-107/+106
2021-05-25docs: set ground for next releaseArsalan H. Awan1-2/+2
2021-05-25linux-yocto: add kernel v5.10.25 support for the milan bspArsalan H. Awan1-0/+3
2021-05-25bsp/milan: add machine config for milan platform based on amdx86.incArsalan H. Awan1-0/+12
2021-05-03Merge pull request #704 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-disable-soundWade Farnsworth1-0/+2
2021-05-03linux-yocto-amdx86.inc: remove sound.cfg as it is not supported hereArsalan H. Awan1-0/+2
2021-04-29Merge pull request #703 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-docs-updatesWade Farnsworth3-20/+20
2021-04-29Merge pull request #702 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-dpdk-upgradeWade Farnsworth7-18/+25
2021-04-29Merge pull request #701 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknott-integrate-amd-code-dropWade Farnsworth26-2031/+809
2021-04-27docs: set ground for next releaseArsalan H. Awan3-20/+20
2021-04-26v1000: enable amd-feature-networking to support dpdk and ipsecArsalan H. Awan1-0/+3
2021-04-26dpdk: upgrade to the latest LTS release v20.11.1Arsalan H. Awan6-18/+22
2021-04-26amd-spi: rm incompatible spirom kernel module and spirom-test appArsalan H. Awan9-1522/+1
2021-04-20linux-yocto: patch xgbe, usb and spi on kernel v5.10.25Arsalan H. Awan13-0/+806
2021-04-20linux-yocto: drop spi_amd iosdk module and use upstream kernel driverArsalan H. Awan6-513/+6
2021-04-13Merge pull request #700 from ArsalanHAwan/master-merge-dunfellWade Farnsworth10976-4128955/+3872
2021-04-13Merge pull request #699 from ArsalanHAwan/hardknottWade Farnsworth10982-4128786/+3857
2021-04-12Merge branch 'dunfell' into masterArsalan H. Awan10976-4128955/+3872
2021-04-12bsp/formfactor: add the missing formfactor definitions for all machinesArsalan H. Awan3-0/+6
2021-04-12bsp/grub: workaround SSE register return with SSE disabled errorArsalan H. Awan2-0/+41
2021-04-12bsp/grub: rm v2.02 recipes and use the latest from yocto poky insteadArsalan H. Awan21-992/+8
2021-03-31bsp/kernel: move to linux-yocto(-rt) v5.10.25Arsalan H. Awan2-3/+3
2021-03-31linux-yocto: rm configs that did not make it into kernel final configArsalan H. Awan2-6/+0
2021-03-30linux-yocto: rm kernel configs not found in the active configurationArsalan H. Awan2-8/+0
2021-03-30linux-yocto: rm watchdog sp5100_tco patch as it is already mergedArsalan H. Awan2-60/+0
2021-03-30linux-yocto,linux-yocto-rt: add kernel v5.10.25 recipesArsalan H. Awan42-0/+1153
2021-03-30bsp: add machine config for v1000 platform based on amdx86.incArsalan H. Awan1-0/+12
2021-03-30initialize layers for yocto v3.3 hardknottArsalan H. Awan2-2/+2
2021-03-24Merge pull request #698 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-rome-ga-202103dunfell-rome-ga-202103dunfellWade Farnsworth2-15/+9
2021-03-24Merge pull request #697 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-e3000-ga-202103dunfell-e3000-ga-202103Wade Farnsworth2-59/+37
2021-03-24release/dunfell-rome-ga-202103: add release docs and tagArsalan H. Awan2-15/+9
2021-03-24release/dunfell-e3000-ga-202103: add release docs and tagArsalan H. Awan2-59/+37
2021-03-18Merge pull request #696 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-docs-updatesWade Farnsworth7-126/+130
2021-03-18docs: add rome featuresArsalan H. Awan1-102/+102
2021-03-18docs: updates for e3000 & rome for next releaseArsalan H. Awan6-24/+28
2021-03-12Merge pull request #695 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-amdx86-split-machinesArsalan H. Awan6-23/+41
2021-03-10bsp/amdx86: split into separate machines that share the same kernelArsalan H. Awan6-23/+41
2021-03-01Merge pull request #694 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-rome-support-epyc-7002Wade Farnsworth2-1/+5