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-# Set to "yes" to start using the RT Kernel, please
-# run 'bitbake -c clean virtual/kernel' before doing so.
-# MEL provides the functionality to build packages with license-restricted
-# algorithms or software. Their configuration variables can be set to
-# "yes" or "no" in the local.conf file to enable or disable the
-# functionality to include them in the build. The option to build these
-# packages is NOT enabled in the default configuration. After enabling the
-# option to build, when you build your target image, the BitBake utility
-# fetches package sources from the canonical upstream location. If you do
-# not have an active network connection, your build with these packages
-# will fail.
-# Building packages with license-restricted algorithms or software may add
-# proprietary IP or functionality with other restrictions to your output.
-# Mentor Graphics has no connection with or responsibility for such
-# license-restricted algorithms or software, and failure to abide by the
-# relevant license terms may have legal consequences.
-# Mentor Graphics does not distribute or endorse sources for license-
-# restricted algorithms or software, and disclaims any liability for their
-# use.
-# Using mpv requires the use of license-restricted algorithms
-# or software.
-INCLUDE_MPV ??= "no"
-COMMERCIAL_LIC_FLAGS_MPV = "commercial_mpv commercial_ffmpeg commercial_x264"
-LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST_append = "${@' ${COMMERCIAL_LIC_FLAGS_MPV}' if bb.utils.to_boolean('${INCLUDE_MPV}') else ''}"
-CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL_append = "${@' mpv' if bb.utils.to_boolean('${INCLUDE_MPV}') else ''}"
-# Certain multimedia formats also require license restricted codecs and
-# software components which are not included in MEL build by default.
-COMMERCIAL_LIC_FLAGS_MULTIMEDIA = "commercial_gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly \
- commercial_lame \
- commercial_mpeg2dec \
- commercial_gstreamer1.0-libav \
- commercial_mpg123"
-CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL_append = "${@' packagegroup-multimedia-risky' if bb.utils.to_boolean('${INCLUDE_COMMERCIAL_MULTIMEDIA}') else ''}"
-# MEL supports various components that can be enabled by setting the corresponding
-# INCLUDE_<component> to "yes".
-# Following is a list of <components> that can be enabled if you want them to be
-# installed/available on your image.
-# Please change the required INCLUDE_<component> to "yes" before building an image, or
-# generating an ADE that can be used to develop apps for these components (if applicable):
-# - VULKAN - Vulkan driver and Loader Layer.
-# It is required to run Vulkan based applications. Vulkan is a new generation graphics
-# and compute API that provides high-efficiency, cross-platform access to modern GPUs.
-# - CODEXL - CodeXL remote agent and some sample applications to verify the GPU debugging
-# and profiling functionality.