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- FLTK License
- December 11, 2001
-The FLTK library and included programs are provided under the terms
-of the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL) with the following
- 1. Modifications to the FLTK configure script, config
- header file, and makefiles by themselves to support
- a specific platform do not constitute a modified or
- derivative work.
- The authors do request that such modifications be
- contributed to the FLTK project - send all
- contributions to "fltk-bugs@fltk.org".
- 2. Widgets that are subclassed from FLTK widgets do not
- constitute a derivative work.
- 3. Static linking of applications and widgets to the
- FLTK library does not constitute a derivative work
- and does not require the author to provide source
- code for the application or widget, use the shared
- FLTK libraries, or link their applications or
- widgets against a user-supplied version of FLTK.
- If you link the application or widget to a modified
- version of FLTK, then the changes to FLTK must be
- provided under the terms of the LGPL in sections
- 1, 2, and 4.
- 4. You do not have to provide a copy of the FLTK license
- with programs that are linked to the FLTK library, nor
- do you have to identify the FLTK license in your
- program or documentation as required by section 6
- of the LGPL.
- However, programs must still identify their use of FLTK.
- The following example statement can be included in user
- documentation to satisfy this requirement:
- [program/widget] is based in part on the work of
- the FLTK project (http://www.fltk.org)