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authorArsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>2019-07-25 17:47:17 +0500
committerArsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>2019-07-25 17:47:17 +0500
commitefef1e69c268489006602a5073a384c807b38a5a (patch)
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amd-common-conf: add IMAGE_FSTYPE wic.bmap to take bmaptools advantage
This adds wic.bmap to IMAGE_FSTYPE so that whenever a wic image is generated, its wic.bmap file is also created. This bmap file can be fed to bmaptool to make the image write process faster as bmaptool would only try to write storage space that is mapped to actual data rather than also writing the free space part to the disk and waisting time there. This data mapping comes from this bmap file. Signed-off-by: Arsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>
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diff --git a/common/conf/machine/include/amd-common-configurations.inc b/common/conf/machine/include/amd-common-configurations.inc
index 32db2544..4b67c72b 100644
--- a/common/conf/machine/include/amd-common-configurations.inc
+++ b/common/conf/machine/include/amd-common-configurations.inc
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ EXTRA_OECONF_append_pn-matchbox-panel-2 = " --with-battery=acpi"
# Also, "iso" doesn't get built even if specified explicitly
# because NOISO = "1" by default (See c787dcd in oe-core).
# Therefore, we do as follows:
-IMAGE_FSTYPES += "wic iso"
+IMAGE_FSTYPES += "wic wic.bmap iso"
NOISO = "0"
NOHDD = "1"