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authorArsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>2018-11-07 18:12:39 +0500
committerArsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>2018-11-08 18:00:51 +0500
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common: add wic images support
This adds support for wic images for AMD BSPs by adding "wic" to IMAGE_FSTYPES. This commit also creates a "amd-usbimage.wks" file as a default wic image for AMD BSPs, which uses the bootimg-partition wic source plugin to create a bootable image. The contents of this image can be set via IMAGE_BOOT_FILES variable. This commit populates the image with the files same as in hddimg, therefore supports both grub EFI boot and syslinux legacy boot. The IMAGE_BOOT_FILES variable can be overridden to support any bootloader such as: systemd, or any other files that are required to be deployed into the wic image can be added here. This resulting image can be flashed on a USB, and supports both "boot" and "install" options in the bootloader menu. Signed-off-by: Arsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>
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+# short-description: Create USB image with files from var IMAGE_BOOT_FILES
+# long-description: Creates a USB image with all files in the IMAGE_BOOT_FILES
+# var e.g. bootloader, initrd, kernel & rootfs.img.
+part /boot --source bootimg-partition --ondisk sda --fstype=vfat --label mel-live --active --align 1024