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2015-02-20Add configuration for touchscreen calibrationHEADmasterNitin A Kamble5-0/+20
2015-02-20Improve documentation in the codeNitin A Kamble5-41/+105
2015-02-20Remove bashism from the scriptsNitin A Kamble3-19/+21
2015-02-20adding support for pulseaudio configurationNitin A Kamble3-0/+15
2015-02-20adding support for ALSA configurationNitin A Kamble4-1/+28
2015-02-20support detect, ask & detect-ask as machine namesNitin A Kamble3-18/+27
2015-02-20setup.in: defer the audio configurationNitin A Kamble2-22/+4
2015-02-20Start the project with initial set of filesNitin A Kamble20-0/+1164