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2019-04-30block: remove the i argument to bio_for_each_segment_allChristoph Hellwig2-21/+11
2019-04-25block: Replace all ktype default_attrs with groupsKimberly Brown3-8/+6
2019-04-24block: don't run get_page() on pages from non-bvec iov iterMing Lei1-1/+1
2019-04-23block: clarify that bio_add_page() and related helpers can add multi pagesMing Lei1-11/+15
2019-04-22block: don't show io_timeout if driver has no timeout handlerWeiping Zhang1-2/+28
2019-04-22block: avoid scatterlist offsets > PAGE_SIZEChristoph Hellwig1-1/+13
2019-04-22block: fix use-after-free on gendiskYufen Yu2-0/+26
2019-04-22Merge tag 'v5.1-rc6' into for-5.2/blockJens Axboe8-84/+119
2019-04-13bfq: update internal depth state when queue depth changesJens Axboe2-1/+9
2019-04-12block: check_events: don't bother with events if unsupportedMartin Wilck1-11/+16
2019-04-12block: disk_events: introduce event flagsMartin Wilck1-4/+9
2019-04-12block: genhd: remove async_events fieldMartin Wilck1-6/+4
2019-04-12block: only allow contiguous page structs in a bio_vecChristoph Hellwig1-2/+7
2019-04-12block: change how we get page references in bio_iov_iter_get_pagesChristoph Hellwig1-26/+25
2019-04-12block: don't allow multiple bio_iov_iter_get_pages calls per bioChristoph Hellwig1-9/+6
2019-04-12block: refactor __bio_iov_bvec_add_pagesChristoph Hellwig1-10/+9
2019-04-12block: rewrite blk_bvec_map_sg to avoid a nth_page callChristoph Hellwig1-15/+6
2019-04-10block: do not leak memory in bio_copy_user_iov()Jérôme Glisse1-1/+4
2019-04-10blk-mq: introduce blk_mq_complete_request_sync()Ming Lei1-0/+7
2019-04-10block, bfq: fix use after free in bfq_bfqq_expirePaolo Valente3-11/+23
2019-04-08block: fix build warning in merging bvecsMing Lei1-6/+10
2019-04-08block, bfq: fix some typos in commentsAngelo Ruocco4-16/+16
2019-04-08block: remove unused variable 'def'Hisao Tanabe1-4/+2
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: rename next to execute_stepsDavid Kozub1-16/+17
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: don't repeat opal_discovery0 in each steps arrayDavid Kozub1-33/+42
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: pass steps via argument rather than via opal_devDavid Kozub1-89/+69
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: use named Opal tokens instead of integer literalsDavid Kozub1-9/+9
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: unify retrieval of table columnsDavid Kozub1-83/+47
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: add token for OPAL_LIFECYCLEDavid Kozub2-2/+4
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: split generation of bytestring header and contentJonas Rabenstein1-8/+14
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: print failed function addressJonas Rabenstein1-2/+2
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: reuse response_get_token to decrease code duplicationDavid Kozub1-31/+15
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: unify error handling of responsesDavid Kozub1-0/+5
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: unify cmd startDavid Kozub1-159/+69
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: close parameter list in cmd_finalizeDavid Kozub1-22/+3
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: unify space check in add_token_*Jonas Rabenstein1-9/+16
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: use correct macro for method lengthJonas Rabenstein1-1/+1
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: fix typos and formattingDavid Kozub1-8/+10
2019-04-06block: sed-opal: fix IOC_OPAL_ENABLE_DISABLE_MBRDavid Kozub1-3/+6
2019-04-06block: remove CONFIG_LBDAFChristoph Hellwig1-24/+0
2019-04-05block: Revert v5.0 blk_mq_request_issue_directly() changesBart Van Assche4-69/+71
2019-04-04block: bio: ensure newly added bio flags don't override BVEC_POOL_IDXJohannes Thumshirn1-0/+3
2019-04-04blk-mq: do not reset plug->rq_count before the list is sortedDongli Zhang1-1/+2
2019-04-02blk-mq: add trace block plug and unplug for multiple queuesYufen Yu1-0/+2
2019-04-02block: use blk_free_flush_queue() to free hctx->fq in blk_mq_init_hctxShenghui Wang1-1/+1
2019-04-01block: don't check if adjacent bvecs in one bio can be mergeableMing Lei1-27/+42
2019-04-01block: reuse __blk_bvec_map_sg() for mapping page sized bvecMing Lei1-11/+9
2019-04-01block: remove argument of 'request_queue' from __blk_bvec_map_sgMing Lei1-3/+3
2019-04-01block: enable multi-page bvec for passthrough IOMing Lei1-29/+31
2019-04-01block: put the same page when adding it to bioMing Lei1-12/+16