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24 hoursnet, sysctl: Fix compiler warning when only cBPF is presentv5.2/standard/tiny/intel-x86v5.2/standard/tiny/common-pcv5.2/standard/tiny/basev5.2/standard/qemuppcv5.2/standard/qemuarm64v5.2/standard/intel-x86v5.2/standard/edgerouterv5.2/standard/beaglebonev5.2/standard/baseAlexander Lobakin1-0/+2
24 hoursRevert "x86: Use CONFIG_PREEMPTION"He Zhe6-10/+10
24 hourslinux-yocto linux-yocto-dev: Fix /bin/awk issuesHe Zhe1-1/+1
3 daysMerge tag 'v5.2.29' into v5.2/standard/baseBruce Ashfield178-1126/+1784
9 daysLinux 5.2.29v5.2.29Paul Gortmaker1-1/+1
9 daysslip: Fix use-after-free Read in slip_openJouni Hogander1-0/+1
9 dayscan: slcan: Fix use-after-free Read in slcan_openJouni Hogander1-0/+1
9 dayscan: kvaser_usb: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix some info-leaks to USB devicesXiaolong Huang1-3/+3
9 daysscsi: libsas: stop discovering if oob mode is disconnectedJason Yan1-1/+10
9 daysstaging: comedi: usbduxfast: usbduxfast_ai_cmdtest rounding errorBernd Porr1-7/+14
9 daysUSB: serial: option: add support for Foxconn T77W968 LTE modulesAleksander Morgado1-0/+4
9 daysUSB: serial: option: add support for DW5821e with eSIM supportAleksander Morgado1-0/+3
9 daysUSB: serial: mos7840: fix remote wakeupJohan Hovold1-5/+0
9 daysUSB: serial: mos7720: fix remote wakeupJohan Hovold1-4/+0
9 daysUSB: serial: mos7840: add USB ID to support Moxa UPort 2210Pavel Löbl1-0/+11
9 daysappledisplay: fix error handling in the scheduled workOliver Neukum1-1/+7
9 daysUSB: chaoskey: fix error case of a timeoutOliver Neukum1-3/+21
9 daysusb-serial: cp201x: support Mark-10 digital force gaugeGreg Kroah-Hartman1-0/+1
9 daysusbip: tools: fix fd leakage in the function of read_attr_usbip_statusHewenliang1-1/+1
9 daysUSBIP: add config dependency for SGL_ALLOCOliver Neukum1-0/+1
9 daysmedia: mceusb: fix out of bounds read in MCE receiver bufferA Sun1-43/+98
9 daysmedia: imon: invalid dereference in imon_touch_eventSean Young1-2/+1
9 daysmedia: cxusb: detect cxusb_ctrl_msg error in queryVito Caputo1-1/+2
9 daysmedia: b2c2-flexcop-usb: add sanity checkingOliver Neukum1-0/+3
9 daysmedia: uvcvideo: Fix error path in control parsing failureLaurent Pinchart1-13/+15
9 dayscpufreq: Add NULL checks to show() and store() methods of cpufreqKai Shen1-0/+6
9 daysmedia: usbvision: Fix races among open, close, and disconnectAlan Stern1-3/+18
9 daysmedia: usbvision: Fix invalid accesses after device disconnectAlan Stern1-2/+6
9 daysmedia: vivid: Set vid_cap_streaming and vid_out_streaming to trueVandana BN2-6/+0
9 daysnfc: port100: handle command failure cleanlyOliver Neukum1-1/+1
9 daysALSA: usb-audio: Fix NULL dereference at parsing BADDTakashi Iwai1-0/+3
9 daysfutex: Prevent robust futex exit raceYang Tao1-7/+51
9 daysnbd: prevent memory leakNavid Emamdoost1-2/+3
9 daysARM: 8904/1: skip nomap memblocks while finding the lowmem/highmem boundaryChester Lin1-0/+3
9 daysmd/raid10: prevent access of uninitialized resync_pages offsetJohn Pittman1-1/+1
9 daysRevert "dm crypt: use WQ_HIGHPRI for the IO and crypt workqueues"Mike Snitzer1-6/+3
9 daysath9k_hw: fix uninitialized variable dataDenis Efremov1-1/+1
9 daysath10k: Fix a NULL-ptr-deref bug in ath10k_usb_alloc_urb_from_pipeHui Peng1-0/+8
9 daysath10k: Fix HOST capability QMI incompatibilityBjorn Andersson6-3/+51
9 daysath10k: restore QCA9880-AR1A (v1) detectionChristian Lamparter1-11/+25
9 daysBluetooth: Fix invalid-free in bcsp_close()Tomas Bortoli1-0/+3
9 daysdrm/i915/userptr: Try to acquire the page lock around set_page_dirty()Chris Wilson1-1/+21
9 daysdrm/i915/pmu: "Frequency" is reported as accumulated cyclesChris Wilson1-2/+2
9 daysdrm/amd/powerplay: issue no PPSMC_MSG_GetCurrPkgPwr on unsupported ASICsEvan Quan1-5/+18
9 daysdrm/amdgpu: disable gfxoff on original ravenAlex Deucher1-2/+7
9 daysdrm/amdgpu: disable gfxoff when using register read interfaceAlex Deucher1-1/+5
9 daysmm/ksm.c: don't WARN if page is still mapped in remove_stable_node()Andrey Ryabinin1-7/+7
9 daysmm/memory_hotplug: don't access uninitialized memmaps in shrink_zone_span()David Hildenbrand1-13/+13
9 daysvirtio_balloon: fix shrinker countWei Wang1-1/+1
9 daysvirtio_ring: fix return code on DMA mapping failsHalil Pasic1-2/+2