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Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/netdev/net
Pull networking fixes from David Miller: "Some merge window fallout, some longer term fixes: 1) Handle headroom properly in lapbether and x25_asy drivers, from Xie He. 2) Fetch MAC address from correct r8152 device node, from Thierry Reding. 3) In the sw kTLS path we should allow MSG_CMSG_COMPAT in sendmsg, from Rouven Czerwinski. 4) Correct fdputs in socket layer, from Miaohe Lin. 5) Revert troublesome sockptr_t optimization, from Christoph Hellwig. 6) Fix TCP TFO key reading on big endian, from Jason Baron. 7) Missing CAP_NET_RAW check in nfc, from Qingyu Li. 8) Fix inet fastreuse optimization with tproxy sockets, from Tim Froidcoeur. 9) Fix 64-bit divide in new SFC driver, from Edward Cree. 10) Add a tracepoint for prandom_u32 so that we can more easily perform usage analysis. From Eric Dumazet. 11) Fix rwlock imbalance in AF_PACKET, from John Ogness" * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/netdev/net: (49 commits) net: openvswitch: introduce common code for flushing flows af_packet: TPACKET_V3: fix fill status rwlock imbalance random32: add a tracepoint for prandom_u32() Revert "ipv4: tunnel: fix compilation on ARCH=um" net: accept an empty mask in /sys/class/net/*/queues/rx-*/rps_cpus net: ethernet: stmmac: Disable hardware multicast filter net: stmmac: dwmac1000: provide multicast filter fallback ipv4: tunnel: fix compilation on ARCH=um vsock: fix potential null pointer dereference in vsock_poll() sfc: fix ef100 design-param checking net: initialize fastreuse on inet_inherit_port net: refactor bind_bucket fastreuse into helper net: phy: marvell10g: fix null pointer dereference net: Fix potential memory leak in proto_register() net: qcom/emac: add missed clk_disable_unprepare in error path of emac_clks_phase1_init ionic_lif: Use devm_kcalloc() in ionic_qcq_alloc() net/nfc/rawsock.c: add CAP_NET_RAW check. hinic: fix strncpy output truncated compile warnings drivers/net/wan/x25_asy: Added needed_headroom and a skb->len check net/tls: Fix kmap usage ...
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