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2010-12-09configure: check for xrender when supporting compositeRobert Bragg1-1/+1
We currently use XRenderFindVisualFormat to determine if a particular window has an alpha component so libmatchbox itself depents on the xrender extension library when support for composite is enabled.
2010-12-09configure: unconditionally check for libexpat.soRobert Bragg1-1/+9
This adds a configure.ac check for expat.h and libexpat.so since the theming code currently assumes this API.
2010-12-09Overhaul our mainloop integrationRobert Bragg1-28/+0
This removes mb-wm-main-context.c since we now just use a glib mainloop context instead. The new mainloop integration API allows matchbox to be fed X events from an external toolkit so core matchbox no longer needs to have any gtk specific event source integration code, since it should be straightforward for a gtk based wm/compositor to decide to take ownership of event fetching and pass those events through to matchbox manually if they want. In the process of removing references to the mb-wm-main-context API it was necessary to refactor how we handle mouse grabs for moving and resizing windows. Previously we would do an X grab and then then immediately enter a tight loop, polling for X mouse events and handling them until something triggers an ungrab and then resume fetching events in the normal way. Now though when we do the mouse grab we just use mb_wm_manager_add_event_handler to register a temporary interest in mouse events and mb_wm_manager_remove_event_handler when the grab is finished. This means we can continue to use the normal event delivery mechanism during a grab and more importantly we don't block the mainloop which would really upset window managers and compositors needing to process other asynchronous events during a grab.
2010-12-09managers: Adds an example xrender based compositorRobert Bragg1-1/+10
Like the clutter based compositor it is based on the code of the simple manager and it builds on the mb-wm-comp-mgr-xrender code that used to live under the matchbox directory but has now been moved to part of the compositor itself.
2010-12-09rename mb-window-manager -> mb-wm-managerRobert Bragg1-1/+1
So the naming of MBWindowManager is consistent with other matchbox objects the new name is MBWMManager. The API has also been modified so that method functions aren't simply using the mb_wm_method_name scheme they new use a mb_wm_manager_method_name scheme. Some of the property setters were missing an explicit "set" in the name which has been added, and in anticipation that we will start to replace the use of "client" with "window" some of methods corresponding to windows have been renamed ahead of time.
2010-12-09build: Don't provide CompMgr subclasses in libmatchboxRobert Bragg1-90/+62
This makes it the responsibility of managers/ to provide their own CompMgr subclasses if they want to support compositing. This defines a new manager called "clutter" based on the simple manager and the mb-wm-comp-mgr-clutter code has been moved under managers/clutter. The way matchbox is now configured has been tweaked. There is now a --enable-compositing option that determines if libmatchbox supports compositing which is required if you want to implement a new manager that handles compositing. Also there is a --with-managers= option that takes a coma separated list of which managers to build, including simple,maemo and clutter.
2010-12-09build: Make glib-2.0 a required dependencyRobert Bragg1-2/+1
It doesn't make much sense to have to reimplement basic C utility APIs such as linked lists and hash tables so this makes glib a required dependency for matchbox 2.
2010-12-09build: Another pass at overhauling the naming schemesRobert Bragg1-40/+26
There currently lots of inconsistent ways we refer to matchbox 2; it can be mbwm2, matchbox-wm-2, matchbox2, matchbox-window-manager-2 and things are also confusing when considering the naming of pkg-config files and for choosing the directory name for installing headers. The approach I'm starting to settle on (this goes back on some of the renaming changes I made recently, so sorry for the churn) is to consider the canonical name of the project just "matchbox" and then we use the package/library versioning to define it as "2.0". Headers now get installed in $prefix/include/matchbox-2.0/matchbox and the top level header has been renamed from mb-wm.h to matchbox.h. The pkg-config file will be installed as matchbox-2.0.pc
2010-12-09build: bump pre-requisites for auto{conf,make},libtoolRobert Bragg1-3/+5
we now expect 2.63, 1.11, and 2.26 respectively
2010-12-09build: simplify the build structureRobert Bragg1-5/+1
The micro organisation of source files was a bit unnecessary given the small size of matchbox2 and made the makefiles a bit more complex than needs be. We now just have a single Makefile.am for libmatchbox2 which uses a few automake conditionals to decide when certain files should be excluded from the build.
2010-12-09build: Unconditionally build libmatchbox2Robert Bragg1-7/+0
Move mbwm2 towards primarily providing a library for building window and composite managers. The library is now built unconditionally and the window managers under the managers/ subdirectory should instead be made to link against this library instead of statically linking to the internal .la files.
2010-12-09rename --enable-libmatchbox to --enable-libmatchbox2Robert Bragg1-6/+6
This simply renames the --enable-libmatchbox configure option to have a 2 suffix.
2010-12-09build: Remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE from configure.acRobert Bragg1-2/+0
Anyone who builds the matchbox2 source should expect that if they modify configure.ac or a Makefile.am file then the autotool magic should be re-run so the changes take immediate affect. With the AM_MAINTAINER_MODE option though you have to explicitly opt in to the bahaviour that we'd get anyway without using the macro
2010-12-09build: Enable silent automake rulesRobert Bragg1-0/+1
So we can see past all the noise of compiling and actually see compilation warnings we enable the silent automake build rules option in configure.ac
2010-12-09docs: Adds initial gtk-doc boilerplateRobert Bragg1-0/+21
This adds the basis for creating an API reference for libmatchbox2
2010-12-09re-organize directory structure a bitRobert Bragg1-16/+16
This renames the matchbox directory matchbox2 and it also moves the /matchbox/managers directory to sit alongside the matchbox2 directory. The idea being that everything under matchbox2 should be code that gets linked into libmatchbox2 while code sitting alongside can then provide examples that actually consume the libmatchbox2 api.
2010-11-25check we have expat.hTomas Frydrych1-1/+1
2010-11-21[MBWMCompMgrClutter] Update for Clutter 1.0Tomas Frydrych1-1/+1
Rewrite animations in the clutter compositor using ClutterAnimation API Require clutter 1.5.6 (should be possible to use cluter 1.2.x, but there is a bug in the 1.3/1.4 series that makes it unusable for us; this is fixed in 1.5.6).
2008-08-12Missed in last commitRobert Bragg1-1/+7
2008-08-122008-08-12 Robert Bragg <bob@o-hand.com>Robert Bragg1-1/+1
* configure.ac * matchbox/client-types/Makefile.am * matchbox/comp-mgr/Makefile.am * matchbox/core/Makefile.am * matchbox/theme-engines/Makefile.am * matchbox/Makefile.am * matchbox/managers/simple/Makefile.am: Allows building managers and libmatchbox at the same time. By default managers remain disabled if libmatchbox is enabled, but you can now enable managers explicitly to get both. This also removes lots of Makefile.am ifdef checks where we were toggling between noinst_LIBRARIES ending in .a vs .la. All CLIENT_LIBS are listed as .la now and all noinst libs are build as .la. Libtool then figures out the right thing to do.
2008-07-292008-07-29 Robert Bragg <bob@o-hand.com>Robert Bragg1-1/+1
* configure.ac: Look for clutter-0.8 now instead of 0.7
2008-07-042008-07-04 Robert Bragg <bob@o-hand.com>Robert Bragg1-1/+1
* configure.ac: Adds a -I$(top_builddir) to MBWM_INCS for finding mb-wm-config.h when doing out of tree builds. * matchbox/client-types/Makefile.am: * matchbox/comp-mgr/Makefile.am: * matchbox/theme-engines/Makefile.am: Removes us of wildcards for setting pkginclude_HEADERS variables. Automake doesn't support wildcards.
2008-07-022008-07-02 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-1/+10
* configure.ac: * matchbox/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr-clutter.c: Use ClutterGLXTexturePixmap when building agains clutter GLX backend.
2008-04-092008-04-09 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-1/+3
* configure.ac: When using xfixes and xext, make sure they make it into the .pc file.
2008-03-112008-03-11 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-1/+4
* configure.ac: * matchbox/mb-wm-config.h.in: Added missing MBWM_WANT_DEBUG to mb-wm-config.h. * matchbox/core/mb-wm.h: Ensure mb-wm-config.h is included before all other mbwm includes. * matchbox/client-types/mb-wm-client-app.c: * matchbox/client-types/mb-wm-client-desktop.c: * matchbox/client-types/mb-wm-client-dialog.c: * matchbox/client-types/mb-wm-client-input.c: * matchbox/client-types/mb-wm-client-menu.c: * matchbox/client-types/mb-wm-client-note.c: * matchbox/client-types/mb-wm-client-override.c: * matchbox/client-types/mb-wm-client-panel.c: * matchbox/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr-clutter.c: * matchbox/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr-xrender.c: * matchbox/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr.c: * matchbox/core/mb-window-manager.c: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-client-base.c: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-debug.c: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-debug.h: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-decor.c: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-layout.c: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-macros.h: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-main-context.c: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-object.c: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-object.h: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-root-window.c: * matchbox/core/xas.c: * matchbox/managers/maemo/Makefile.am: * matchbox/managers/maemo/maemo-input.c: * matchbox/managers/maemo/maemo-window-manager.c: * matchbox/managers/maemo/maemo-toolbar.c: * matchbox/managers/maemo/maemo-window-manager.h: * matchbox/managers/maemo/matchbox-window-manager-2-maemo.c: * matchbox/managers/simple/matchbox-window-manager-2-simple.c: * matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-png.c: * matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.c: Replaced #ifdef MBWM_WANT_DEBUG with #if MBWM_WANT_DEBUG. * matchbox/managers/maemo/maemo-window-manager.c: (maemo_window_manager_class_type): Fixed incorrect object initialization.
2008-03-112008-03-11 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-7/+10
* configure.ac: Added libpng to the required packages for libmatchbox2 when building png theme.
2008-03-092008-03-09 Robert Bragg <bob@o-hand.com>Robert Bragg1-0/+1
* matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.c Some theme.xml schema changes. clr-* now color-* All x/y width/height attributes related to specifying regions within a template image are now prefixed template-* * doc/MBWM2-Overview.xml Documentation updated in line with schema changes * matchbox/managers/maemo/theme/theme.xml * matchbox/managers/maemo/theme/background.png * matchbox/managers/maemo/theme/Makefile.am * data/themes/Default/theme.xml * data/themes/PngSample/theme.xml * data/themes/PngSample/background.png * data/themes/PngSample/Makefile.am Existing themes updated to use the new attribute names and background.png images have been renamed to template.png * configure.ac * data/themes/Makefile.am Install the PngSample theme by default if PNG theme engine enabled
2008-03-092008-03-09 Robert Bragg <bob@o-hand.com>Robert Bragg1-0/+1
* configure.ac fix for clutter composite manager: glib main loop had accidentally been disabled
2008-03-082008-03-08 Robert Bragg <bob@o-hand.com>Robert Bragg1-40/+81
* configure.ac * matchbox/comp-mgr/Makefile.am * matchbox/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr-xrender.c * matchbox/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr-xrender.h * matchbox/core/mb-window-manager.c * matchbox/managers/simple/Makefile.am * matchbox/managers/simple/matchbox-window-manager-2-simple.c * matchbox/mb-wm-config.h.in Adds an --enable-composite-managers=A,B,C.. config option and renames the "default" composite manager to "xrender"
2008-03-072008-03-07 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-7/+7
* configure.ac: Changed --enable-gtk and --enable-pango to --with-*.
2008-03-072008-03-06 Robert Bragg <bob@o-hand.com>Robert Bragg1-17/+3
* configure.ac * doc/MBWM2-Overview.xml * matchbox/core/mb-wm-types.h * matchbox/mb-wm-config.h.in * matchbox/theme-engines/Makefile.am * matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-cairo.c * matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-cairo.h * matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.c * matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.h Removes all references to the cairo theme engine
2008-03-06makes a start on tidying up configure.acRobert Bragg1-24/+49
- some bits disabled by default - adds a new --enable-pango option that will be optionally used by the png theme engine - adds a new --enable-matchbox-remote option
2008-03-042008-03-04 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-0/+1
* configure.ac: * Makefile.am: * util/Makefile.am: * util/matchbox-remote.c: Added matchbox-remote (from mbwm1 + -select-desktop option).
2008-02-272008-02-27 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-1/+1
* configure.ac: Fixed incorrect string quoting. * matchbox/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr-clutter.c: * matchbox/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr-default.c: * matchbox/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr.c: (mb_wm_comp_mgr_unregister_client): Moved shared code into the public function, and removed unnecessary implementations from the default and clutter managers. Removed call to mb_wm_comp_mgr_client_hide() as this interfers with managers implementing an unmap effect. * matchbox/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr.h: Added MBWMCompMgr::unmap_notify virtual. * matchbox/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr.c: (mb_wm_comp_mgr_map_notify): (mb_wm_comp_mgr_unmap_notify): Moved the effects handling for map and umap events out of MBWindowManager into the CM. (mb_wm_comp_mgr_client_run_effect): Take a temporary reference of the CM client object to enusure that it is not destroyed while an effect is running. * matchbox/core/mb-window-manager.c: (mb_wm_handle_unmap_notify): Removed handling of CM unmap effect. (mb_wm_unmanage_client): Extra comments.
2008-02-252008-02-25 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-0/+2
* configure.ac: * data/libmatchbox2-0.1.pc.in: Fixed Requires field of pc file.
2008-02-252008-02-25 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-0/+3
* configure.ac: * data/libmatchbox2-0.1.pc.in: Fixed pkgconfig include path.
2008-02-202008-02-20 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-1/+1
* configure.ac: Bumped clutter requirement to 0.7. * matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-cairo.c: (mb_wm_theme_cairo_init): Removed call to gtk_init (must be called by the application main() function so display connection can be set up correctly. * matchbox/managers/simple/matchbox-window-manager-2-simple.c: (main): Call gtk_init() if GTK integration is enabled.
2008-02-202008-02-20 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-1/+17
* configure.ac: * matchbox/comp-mgr/Makefile.am: * matchbox/mb-wm-config.h.in: * matchbox/core/mb-window-manager.c: Added --enable-compositing-manager=framework-only to make it possible to build libmatchox with compositing capabilites, but without any of the provided backends. * matchbox/core/mb-window-manager.c: (mb_wm_main_loop): Added missing xeven callback to the plain main glib loop. * matchbox/core/mb-wm-main-context.c: (mb_wm_main_context_init): Removed unused code.
2008-02-202008-02-20 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-1/+1
* configure.ac: Fixed the header dirctory for libmatchbox. * matchbox/core/mb-window-manager.c: Fixed stray #ifdef.
2008-02-192008-02-19 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-7/+24
* configure.ac: * matchbox/core/mb-window-manager.c: * matchbox/core/mb-window-manager.h: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-client-base.c: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-client-window.c: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-client.c: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-client.h: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-main-context.c: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-main-context.h: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-root-window.c: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-types.h: * matchbox/core/mb-wm-util.h: * matchbox/managers/maemo/maemo-window-manager.c: * matchbox/managers/simple/matchbox-window-manager-2-simple.c: * matchbox/mb-wm-config.h.in: * matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-cairo.c: * matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-xml.c: * matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-xml.h: * matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.c: * matchbox/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.h: Manually generate mb-wm-config.h so as to avoid any clashes with with any auto-generated application config.h. Changed number of #ifdef's to #if's following the changes to mb-wm-config.h.
2008-02-192008-02-19 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-17/+45
* configure.ac, *.am, *.h: Changes for building mbwm2 as a library (based on patch by Johan Bilien): Moved 'src' to 'matchbox'; fixed up headers to use #include <>. Moved config.h to matchbox/mb-wm-config.h. Added --enable-libmatchbox configure option, libmatchbox2.pc.in
2008-02-152008-02-15 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-1/+4
* configure.ac: Improved help for --enable-compositing-manager. * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.c: (mb_wm_theme_new): Try to load default theme when no theme is specified. Turn compositing on by default. * src/core/mb-window-manager.c: (mb_wm_process_cmdline): Added -help option for those uncomfortable with self-documenting source code.
2008-02-132008-02-13 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-5/+17
* configure.ac * src/comp-mgr/Makefile.am: * src/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr-default.c: * src/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr-default.h: * src/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr.c: * src/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr.h: * src/core/mb-window-manager.c: * src/core/mb-window-manager.h: * src/core/mb-wm-client.c: * src/core/mb-wm-main-context.c: * src/core/mb-wm-object-props.h: * src/core/mb-wm-types.h: * src/managers/maemo/maemo-window-manager.c: * src/managers/simple/matchbox-window-manager-2-simple.c: Changes to improve the flexibility of the compositor framework. Framework for compositor effects. Initial implementation of a clutter-based compositor. * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-xml.c: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-xml.h: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.c: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.h: Added support for effects. * data/themes/Default/theme.xml: Added sample effect for application clients.
2007-12-312007-12-31 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-0/+1
* configure.ac: * Makefile.am: * doc/Makefile.am: Added doc directory to the autofoo build tree.
2007-12-202007-12-19 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-3/+10
* configure.ac: Check for Xext. * doc/MBWM2-Overview.xml: Updated documentation. * src/core/mb-wm-client-base.c: (mb_wm_client_base_display_sync): * src/core/mb-wm-client.c: * src/core/mb-wm-client.h: (mb_wm_client_init): (mb_wm_client_is_argb32): Added new mb_wm_client_is_argb32() function to simplify checking for visual type. * src/core/mb-wm-object-props.h: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-xml.h: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.c: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.h: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-cairo.c: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-simple.c: Implemented shaped windows in PNG themes. * src/managers/maemo/theme/background.png: * src/managers/maemo/theme/theme.xml: Tweaked sample maemo theme to use shaped windows for dialogs and notifications.
2007-11-122007-11-12 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-0/+1
* configure.ac: * src/managers/maemo/Makefile.am: * src/managers/maemo/theme/background.png: * src/managers/maemo/theme/theme.xml: Added a simple mockup of maemo png-based theme to facilitate testing. * src/client-types/mb-wm-client-dialog.c: (mb_wm_client_dialog_init): Correctly set up initial dialog geomtry. * src/managers/maemo/maemo-toolbar.c: Tweaked fallback geometry values. * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-png.c: Fixed drawing decors that require scaling.
2007-11-052007-11-05 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-0/+11
* configure.ac: * src/core/mb-wm-main-context.c: * src/core/mb-wm-main-context.h: * src/core/mb-wm-types.h: * src/core/mb-wm-client.c: --enable-glib-main-loop: glib main loop support. * src/core/mb-wm-util.h: Fixed handling of inline keyword when using glib. * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-cairo.h: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-simple.h: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.c: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.h: * src/core/mb-wm-client-base.c: * src/core/mb-wm-client-base.h: * src/core/mb-wm-client.h: * src/core/mb-wm-decor.c: Added missing prototypes and includes. * src/core/mb-window-manager.c: (mb_wm_handle_config_request): (mb_wm_handle_map_request): * src/core/mb-wm-object.c: (mb_wm_object_init_recurse: Fixed missing return value.
2007-11-012007-11-01 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-3/+22
* configure.ac: * src/Makefile.am: * src/core/Makefile.am: * src/managers/maemo/Makefile.am: * src/managers/simple/Makefile.am: * src/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr.c: * src/comp-mgr/mb-wm-comp-mgr.h: * src/core/mb-wm-types.h: * src/core/mb-wm-client.c: * src/core/mb-wm-client.h: * src/core/mb-wm-main-context.c: * src/core/mb-wm-object-props.h: * src/core/mb-window-manager.c: * src/core/mb-window-manager.h: * src/core/mb-wm-atoms.c: * src/core/mb-wm-client-base.c: Added composite manager. * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-cairo.c: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-simple.c: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-xml.c: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-xml.h: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.c: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.h: * data/themes/Default/theme.xml: Added clr-shadow and clr-lowlight properties to theme. * src/core/mb-wm-client-window.c: * src/core/mb-wm-client-window.h: Handling of initial _NET_WM_STATE property. * src/core/mb-wm-root-window.c: Handling of _MB_COMMAND ClientMessage.
2007-10-182007-10-19 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-9/+28
* configure.ac: Added checks for Xfixes and XCursor. * src/core/mb-window-manager.c: * src/core/mb-window-manager.h: (mb_wm_set_cursor): New function.
2007-10-092007-10-09 Tomas Frydrych <tf@o-hand.com>Tomas Frydrych1-2/+24
* src/core/mb-wm-client.h: * src/core/mb-wm-layout.c: Added LayoutPrefFixedX, LayoutPrefFixedY to allow for themes to specify client size (e.g., png theme may want to specify height of a horizontal panel to tie with size of other elements on screen). Added LayoutPrefOverlaps to indicate that client expects to overlap with other clients rather than lay exclusive claim to its allocated real-estate (e.g., maemo toolbar). * src/core/mb-wm-types.h: Changed MBGeom.width and MBGeom.height from unsigned to signed so that negative values can be used to indicate that value is not set when querying theme for client geometry. * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.c: * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme.h: (mb_wm_theme_get_client_geometry): Function to query if theme requests specific geometry values for particular client type. * src/theme-engines/mb-wm-theme-xml.c (mb_wm_xml_client_new): Initialized x, y, width and height values to -1. * configure.ac: * src/managers/Makefile.am: * src/managers/maemo/Makefile.am: * src/managers/maemo/maemo-toolbar.c: * src/managers/maemo/maemo-toolbar.h: * src/managers/maemo/maemo-window-manager.c: * src/managers/maemo/maemo-window-manager.h: * src/managers/maemo/matchbox-window-manager-2-maemo.c: Added maemo directory for maemo-specific WM.