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2010-12-09build: Another pass at overhauling the naming schemesRobert Bragg1-1/+1
There currently lots of inconsistent ways we refer to matchbox 2; it can be mbwm2, matchbox-wm-2, matchbox2, matchbox-window-manager-2 and things are also confusing when considering the naming of pkg-config files and for choosing the directory name for installing headers. The approach I'm starting to settle on (this goes back on some of the renaming changes I made recently, so sorry for the churn) is to consider the canonical name of the project just "matchbox" and then we use the package/library versioning to define it as "2.0". Headers now get installed in $prefix/include/matchbox-2.0/matchbox and the top level header has been renamed from mb-wm.h to matchbox.h. The pkg-config file will be installed as matchbox-2.0.pc
2010-12-09build: updates autogen.sh to handle gtkdocizeRobert Bragg1-2/+40
This nabs the autogen.sh from Clutter as a basis than can handle the gtkdocizing of the project
2005-11-082005-11-08 Matthew Allum <mallum@openedhand.com>Matthew Allum1-0/+3
* Makefile: * Makefile.am: * autogen.sh: * configure.ac: * matchbox-window-manager-2.c: * mb-wm-atoms.c: * mb-wm-atoms.h: * mb-wm-client.c: * mb-wm-client.h: * mb-wm-core.c: * mb-wm-core.h: * mb-wm-keys.c: * mb-wm-keys.h: * mb-wm-layout.c: * mb-wm-layout.h: * mb-wm-props.c: * mb-wm-props.h: * mb-wm-stack.c: * mb-wm-stack.h: * mb-wm-types.h: * mb-wm-util.c: * mb-wm-util.h: * mb-wm.h: * src/Makefile.am: * src/core/Makefile.am: * src/core/mb-wm-client.c: (mb_wm_client_window_new), (mb_wm_client_new), (mb_wm_client_base_init): * src/core/mb-wm-client.h: * src/core/mb-wm-core.c: (test_map_request), (mb_wm_run): * src/core/mb-wm-types.h: * src/core/mb-wm-window.c: * src/core/mb-wm-window.h: * src/core/mb-wm.h: * src/matchbox-window-manager-2.c: (test_panel_client_request_geometry), (test_client_new): * xas.c: * xas.h: Autofooify. Split Window 'wrapper' code into its own file and rejig a little.