Buildhistory warnings web interface

This is a small Django-based web application that allows you to process
the repository generated by the buildhistory feature in OpenEmbedded
(OE-Core) and review any generated warnings about potential issues.

For more information on buildhistory, see the following page:



In order to make use of this application you will need:

* Django 1.8.x - tested with 1.8.13; newer versions may also work.
* For production usage, a web server set up to host Django applications
  (not needed for local-only testing)
* A database supported by Django (SQLite, MySQL, etc.). Django takes
  care of creating the database itself, you just need to ensure that the
  database server (if not using SQLite) is configured and running.
* The following third-party Django modules (tested versions listed):
  * django-registration (2.1)
* On the machine that will run the backend import script (which does not
  have to be the same machine as the web server - it could be the build
  machine; however it does still have to have Django installed, have the
  same or similar configuration in settings.py and have access to the
  database used by the web application):
  * Access to the buildhistory git repository produced by the build
    system, or a clone thereof
  * Python 3.4 or later (or 2.7.6 or later if using krogoth or older)
  * A copy of BitBake and OE-Core (or Poky, which includes both) -
    the "dora" release or newer is required.
  * GitPython (python-git) version 0.3.1 or later

Setup instructions:

1. Edit settings.py to specify a database, EMAIL_HOST, SECRET_KEY and
   other settings specific to your installation.

2. Run the following command within the buildhistory-web directory to
   initialise the database:

   python manage.py migrate

   You should answer "yes" when asked to create an admin account.

3. You can test the web application locally by setting DEBUG = True in
   settings.py and running the following:

   python manage.py runserver

   Then visit with your browser. As
   with all Django applications there is an admin interface available
   at also.

   NOTE: This local server should only be used for testing - for
   production you need to use a proper web server and have DEBUG set
   to False.


On a regular basis (usually after each build) you need to run

You can then review any warnings generated by accessing the web


The latest version of the code can always be found here:


Send patches / pull requests to yocto@yoctoproject.org with
'[buildhistory-web]' in the subject.


This application is based upon the Django project template, whose files
are covered by the BSD license and are copyright (c) Django Software
Foundation and individual contributors.

Bundled Bootstrap 3 (including Glyphicons) is redistributed under the
MIT license.

Bundled jQuery is redistributed under the MIT license.

All other content is copyright (C) 2012-2015 Intel Corporation and
licensed under the MIT license (unless otherwise noted) - see
COPYING.MIT for details.