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authorliping ke <liping.ke@intel.com>2010-09-01 17:47:10 +0800
committerJoshua Lock <josh@linux.intel.com>2010-09-01 12:54:59 +0100
commitb2f7281cec01de89ecc358d9c005f66e74017632 (patch)
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parent8b811d7cad28fd0f79db0f1fa1dbfc947b478993 (diff)
Bug fix: Load unset environment vars into old hash for unset purpose
This patch is a bug fix for restore original environment before activating poky sdk plugin. when deactive poky plugin, we need to unset all set envrionment, otherwise, when deactivating poky plugin, native compile environment will be polluted. So if non-poky environment does not have the env var such as "CC", we still need to save it in the hash table for later unset operation. I save the unset environment value into old hash table as "null" for easy to unified operation (g_free will be automatically called in hash destructor). Signed-off-by: Liping Ke <liping.ke@intel.com>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/src/beaver-util.c b/src/beaver-util.c
index 0461359..97e27b8 100644
--- a/src/beaver-util.c
+++ b/src/beaver-util.c
@@ -252,6 +252,8 @@ update_env_hash(gchar *filename, GHashTable *hash_configs,
g_debug("Save old ENV: key %s value %s", key, env_value);
if (env_value)
g_hash_table_insert(*old_hash_configs, g_strdup(key), g_strdup(env_value));
+ else
+ g_hash_table_insert(*old_hash_configs, g_strdup(key), g_strdup("null"));