AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
6 daysmultilib_header: recognize BPF as a targetsumoDaniel Díaz1-1/+3
6 daysglibc: Make bits/wordsize.h multilibbed againDaniel Díaz1-1/+1
6 daysoe-pkgdata-util: package-info: Re-add support for the --extra optionPeter Kjellerstedt1-1/+9
6 daysoe-pkgdata-util: Make parse_pkgdatafile() support package suffixed varsPeter Kjellerstedt1-28/+18
6 daysoe-pkgdata-util: lookup-recipe, package-info: Don't finish prematurelyPeter Kjellerstedt1-2/+2
6 daysdevtool/ error out in case of downloading file failureChen Qi1-0/+3
7 daysdocumentation: Updated for a 2.5.1 releaseScott Rifenbark11-31/+76
7 daysref-manual: Removed non-existant variable from PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS descriptionScott Rifenbark1-1/+1
7 dayssdk-manual: Fixed bad anchor string.Scott Rifenbark1-1/+1
7 dayssdk-manual: Updated section on minimizing eSDK installer sizeScott Rifenbark1-12/+12
7 dayssdk-manual: Converted bullet list to ordered listScott Rifenbark1-2/+2
7 dayssdk-manual: Updated "Providing Additional Installable Extensible SDK Content"Scott Rifenbark1-18/+29
7 dayssdk-manual: Provided better wording for sharing HTTP or HTTPS serverScott Rifenbark1-1/+6
7 dayssdk-manual: Updates to sections for updating installed Ext SDKsScott Rifenbark2-20/+29
7 dayssdk-manual: Changed title to updating the SDK after installScott Rifenbark1-3/+3
7 dayssdk-manual: Fixed grammar errorScott Rifenbark1-2/+1
7 dayssdk-manual: Updated section on changing title of extensible SDK installerScott Rifenbark1-3/+14
7 daysref-manual: Updated DISTRO_NAME variable description.Scott Rifenbark1-0/+40
7 daysref-manual: Updated the DISTRO variable descriptionScott Rifenbark1-7/+14
7 dayssdk-manual: Grammar fixScott Rifenbark1-1/+1
7 dayssdk-manual: Updates to "Adjusting the Extensible SDK to Suit Build Host"Scott Rifenbark1-19/+31
7 dayssdk-manual: Updates to "Configuring the Extensible SDK" sectionScott Rifenbark1-12/+17
7 daysref-manual: Fixed cross-reference wording in SDK_LOCAL_CONF_WHITELISTScott Rifenbark1-5/+9
7 daysref-manual: Fixed grammar error in SDK_INHERIT_BLACKLIST descriptionScott Rifenbark1-2/+2
7 daysref-manual: Added cross-reference to SDK_LOCAL_CONF_BLACKLIST varScott Rifenbark1-0/+9
7 daysref-manual: Updated the SDK_INHERIT_BLACKLIST variable descriptionScott Rifenbark1-3/+16
7 daysref-manual: Updated the SDK_LOCAL_CONF_WHITELIST variable descriptionScott Rifenbark1-4/+16
7 daysref-manual: Updated the SDK_LOCAL_CONF_BLACKLIST variable descriptionScott Rifenbark1-2/+21
7 dayssdk-manual, mega-manual: Updated the fig for installed ext. SDKScott Rifenbark3-7/+5
7 dayssdk-manual, mega-manual: Updated standard SDK install directory figureScott Rifenbark3-1/+1
7 dayssdk-manual: Final edits to the extracting root filesystem sectionScott Rifenbark1-22/+26
7 dayssdk-manual: Added note in step to set SDKMACHINEScott Rifenbark1-0/+14
2018-08-06build-appliance-image: Update to sumo head revisionRichard Purdie1-1/+1
2018-08-06poky.conf: Bump version for sumo 2.5.1Richard Purdie1-1/+1
2018-08-06binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-10534Armin Kuster2-0/+3430
2018-08-06binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-10535Armin Kuster2-0/+62
2018-08-06binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-10372Armin Kuster2-0/+59
2018-08-06binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-10373Armin Kuster2-0/+46
2018-08-06binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-7568Armin Kuster2-0/+86
2018-08-06binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-7569Armin Kuster2-0/+120
2018-08-06binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-7208Armin Kuster2-0/+48
2018-08-06binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-7642Armin Kuster2-0/+52
2018-08-06binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-6759Armin Kuster2-0/+109
2018-08-06binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-6872Armin Kuster2-0/+51
2018-08-06binutls: Security fix CVE-2018-7643Armin Kuster2-0/+103
2018-08-06binutils: Security fix CVE-2018-8945Armin Kuster2-0/+71
2018-08-06classes/sanity: Clean up getstatusoutput usageJoshua Watt1-29/+38
2018-08-04linux-firmware: add separate packages for all brcm filesMartin Jansa1-41/+136
2018-08-04linux-firmware: update LICENSE for bcm43* packages according to WHENCE fileMartin Jansa1-20/+21
2018-08-04linux-firmware: add ${PN}-cypress-license handling from meta-raspberrypiMartin Jansa1-0/+12