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+2012/03/30 - Mark Hatle <>
+ - Initial version
+Most of the items for the IA architecture are defined in the single
+arch-ia32 file.
+Three ABIs are define, m32, mx32 and m64.
+The following is the list of ia32 specific variables:
+X86ARCH32 - This is the 32-bit architecture GNU canonical arch, TUNE_ARCH.
+X86ARCH64 - This is the 64-bit architecture GNU canonical arch, TUNE_ARCH.
+The TUNE_PKGARCH is defined as follows:
+The package architecture for 32-bit targets is historical and generally
+set to to match the core compatible processor type, i.e. i386.
+For 64-bit architectures, the architecture is expected to end in '_64'.
+If the x32 ABI is used, then the _64 is further extended with a '_x32'.